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How can I Maintain Composite Decking?

Simple equipment like a brush and a broom is all you need to maintain your composite decking. In addition, maintaining your composite decking will not consume all of your time. If you want your composite deck to survive, you must maintain it after installation. This type of upkeep is comparable to how you would care for other types of flooring materials. Composite decking differs from wood decking in that it does not require extensive painting and sanding in addition to cleaning. All that is required is a little brushing or cleaning. To clean stains and other filth that has adhered to it, use a power washer to spray water. There will be two methods to maintain composite decking. You’ll know how to keep your composite decking in good shape and what to do if dirt or stains appear on it.

Plastic-Wood Decking damage prevention 

It’s critical to protect your composite deck from damage if you want to keep it in good shape and extend its life. The easiest method to do this is to avoid doing anything that would affect the deck’s surface. Below, we’ll look at several things you shouldn’t do. Things should never be dragged on composite decking. You must elevate a heavy object if you need to modify its location. To avoid scratching the composite deck’s surface, don’t press it too hard. It’s similar to dragging an object over your house floor; you’ll notice that the thing scratches the floor, leaving unsightly traces.

Avoid using a hot object on composite decking.

Placing a hot object on a composite decking surface, such as a BBQ grill, might cause the deck to melt. When this happens, the melting area will become distorted and unsightly. Avoid laying hot metal on composite decking since this is one step toward ruining it. Leaves or dirt should be removed. Remove leaves and other organic things from your komposittrall if you want it to survive a long time. This is because as they disintegrate, mold will grow in the area where they decayed. If you wish to clean it, this may be an issue, and it can also harm your decking.

How to keep Plastic-Wood Decking clean

How to keep Plastic-Wood Decking clean

If you notice that your composite decking has become discolored or moldy, you may easily preserve it by following the steps outlined below. Use water and soap to clean your maintain composite decking. Cleaning your composite decking is simple if you have a nice soft brush, soap, and water on hand. After that, carefully clean the affected area until the smudge is gone. You may also power wash the decking if necessary.

Oil and Grease 

This procedure works well for eliminating oil or grease stains from your kompositstaket surface. If you often drop items that will stain the deck, you should do this on a regular basis. Only by not allowing oil or lubricant to discolor the surface of your composite decking can you avoid this. Consider this: if you spill oil on your kitchen floor, you must clean it to erase the stain. As a result, you should treat your composite deck the same way you would your house floor.

Remove Mold

Remove Mold 

Mold may form on the surface of composite decking at times. This is due to rotting things such as leaves. Remove the mold from the surface of the composite decking by washing and scrubbing it.

Droppings from animals

Animal feces may be eliminated in the same manner that mold can be. Simply scrape the droppings away using your brush. Then you should wash the surface with soapy water. Snow and ice should not be allowed to accumulate on your composite decking. Remove any ice or snow from the surface of your composite decking so you may walk on it. When you’re doing this, make sure the shovel’s edge isn’t too sharp so it doesn’t cut into your deck. When removing ice from your deck, it is advised that you use a shovel made of plastic.

Sweeping Composite Decking

Sweeping Composite Decking

Regularly Sweeping your composite decking is an excellent idea, and you may do it the same way you sweep your house’s inside. Sweeping your composite deck helps ensure that dirt does not linger on it. Also, sweeping your deck after it has rained will prevent water from settling on one side of the deck.


It’s easy to keep your composite decking in good shape, and it takes very little work on your part. You should make it a habit to clean your deck on a regular basis, just as you would your house.

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