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Buyers Guide for Selecting the Best Floor Tiles for Your Home

Buyers Guide for Selecting the Best Floor Tiles for Your Home

The world of floor tiles is vast. There are so many alluring options for durable, cost-effective tiles that it becomes difficult to choose the one most suitable for your home. Presently the Professional Tilers in Melbourne showcase various finishes on the tiles, such as wood, stone etc., that enrich its looks and make it plush, making the decision even more challenging. However, we envision this blog to ease your decision-making while choosing the best floor for your home. Read on to know how-

Professional Tilers in Melbourne

Consider the Type of Tile

There are various types of tiles. Once you know the pros and cons of each tile, it shall be easy to determine which one to choose for your home.

Ceramic Tiles: Natural clay, minerals, water, chemicals, and colour pigments make up ceramic tiles. These are available in various  colours and are usable as floor or wall tiles. Ceramic tiles are flexible and easier to cut but also prone to chipping. Hence, they are the best choice for areas used by lesser people like the bedroom.

Porcelain Tiles: Porcelain is finer clay baked at a higher temperature than ceramic tiles. Therefore, it’s stronger and more durable. The Floor Tilers in Melbourne render epoxy grouting to porcelain tiles for a neat finish. Since it’s a hard-wearing tile, it’s best for areas of high traffic, such as the kitchen or hallway. You can also use porcelain tiles outside without worrying about chipping.

Floor Tilers in Melbourne

Vitrified Tiles: Vitrified tiles are ceramic tiles that have undergone the process of vitrification, which is the rapid cooling and heating of the material to gain a glass-like structure. It makes vitrified tiles non-porous, durable, thick and long-lasting. The vitrified tiles are strong and can be useful for almost any room in your house. These are also available as non-skid tiles suitable for bathrooms.

Cement Tiles: Another option that’s gaining popularity due to its quirky look is the cement tiles. With these, you can keep changing the colours and designs to give a new life to your home. However, with infinite beauty comes the responsibility of preserving it, so you should use it for low-traffic areas and safeguard the colours. Also, the cement tiles are tricky to install, so you will need the best professional tilers in Melbourne or elsewhere to finish the job flawlessly.

Select the Right Size for Each Room

Once you have decided on the type of tile, it’s time to discuss the right size to suit each room. You can also ask for suggestions from the floor tilers in Melbourne for the ideal size. Here is how you can decide the best tile size for each room-

Large Tiles (120 x 120 cm, 100 x 100 cm): If you have large rooms, you can opt for larger tiles to complement the aesthetics. These shall make your rooms look bigger and create an illusion of space. Hence, the large tiles are best for your living room, dining or bedroom if you have a spacious one. Similarly, large tiles can also make smaller spaces look bigger because there are fewer grout gaps.

Small or Midsize Tiles ( 80 x 80 cm, 60 x 60 cm):  Small tiles are a great option if you want to create an unconventional space. You can mix multiple types of small tiles and use them to lay on a surface. Small tiles are preferable in kitchens or hallways to create exciting patterns. The professional tiler in Melbourne can help you skim through various small tiles and allow you to use them creatively.

Choose the Ideal Finish

Though there are various tile finishes, such as glazed, unglazed, high gloss, polished etc., these can be broadly classified as Gloss and Matte finish tiles.

Gloss Finish: There is a mirror-like sheen to the gloss finish tiles that reflects light. Hence they also create an illusion of a larger space. However, these tiles tend to be slippery and are not the best option for kitchens or bathrooms where there is a chance of getting wet.

Matte Finish: The matte-finish tiles are non-reflective and do not show stains easily. These are non-slippery and can be ideal for your kitchen or bathroom.

In Conclusion

Choosing the tile best suitable for your space will render a unique look and feel. With the above guide, you can find the right type and size of tile to enhance your home interiors and enrich their appearance. Alternatively, you can chat with professional tilers in Melbourne and find unique styles that match your home’s personality.

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