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React Native: Features And Thread Model


React Native is a UI software. It is based on a JavaScript framework for mobile apps. Moreover, it helps in developing applications for the Web, iOS, Android, macOS, etc. Although, developers use RN for creating applications for different platforms. Also, if you want to learn React Native Online Training then you should join the professional course to upgrade your skills. Bu web sayfası ile beraber istanbul escort bayanlara ulaşarak randevu alabilmek çok kolay. This course has gained popularity among the youth. You can develop the apps cross-platform through it. It also supports the mobile applications of single-page.

Let’s have a look at the features of the React Native in detail as follows:

What are the features of React Native?

It is open-source software. Moreover, there are several features of React Native as follows:

  • Use Globally- By writing the code on React Native, you can use it on any mobile platform. The developer doesn’t need to write the code again and again on different platforms like JS, Windows, etc. However, the applications work on various platforms. that are made on React Native.
  • Program Language- React Native uses the most popular programming language known as JS. Also, it is widely available and has huge benefits for the developers.
  • Concentrated on UI – This software framework is majorly focused on UI design. Moreover, the responses are usually high and fast.
  • Community: React Native has the most powerful open-source, cross-platform community present on the mobile platform. Although, its accessibility and benefits have increased the no. of developers coming from all over the world to use it.
  • Trusted – It is the only trusted framework for cross-platform application development.
  • Time- React Native takes a very short period of time to develop the application of the mobiles.
  • Third-Party Libraries – The developers can use the libraries from external sources as well.
  • Installation- React Native can utilize the NPM for installing. It is very convenient to use.

Which are the thread models of React Native?

There are 4 main thread models available of React Native as follows:

  • UI Thread is the main thread application on which the mobile apps work.
  • JS Thread is the single thread that has a single call stack. It helps in executing the programs faster.
  • Shadow Thread helps in knowing the layout made in the background with the help of Reacts library.
  • Native Module Thread means when you need to have access to the API platform for any application.


The demand for software is increasing a lot in the industry. Mostly the companies who develop the apps use the software more. Moreover, if you are having a keen desire to learn React Native Training in Gurgaon then you should join this professional course. Indeed, you should join the course to enhance your skills, knowledge, and chance to get good job options. In short, the IT sector has increased in major cities like Pune, Delhi, etc. with the high salary package.  The future in this field is high because it is supported by Facebook. It also has the huge support of the developers because of the benefits it provides to them.

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