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Business and Trade

Canada’s Most In-Demand and Highest-Paying Occupations

People are relocating to Canada in search of a better lifestyle and career job prospects. Canada has plenty to offer everyone. It boasts a variety of career options because Canada’s economy is heavily reliant on the revenue generated by the immigrants. Due to Covid, many people left their jobs and returned to their native country from Canada. Additionally, because the flights were not operational and the country was on lockdown, no immigrants were able to enter the territory. Even long after the Covid wave subsided. Things took a little while to get back on track as the government was trying to find the perfect solution to combat the deadly virus and allow immigrants to come back.

People are turning to the best immigration lawyers in Dubai for Canada to help them locate the greatest career prospects and obtain a work visa.

Why People Choose Canada

Canada, as a stable economy with a robust financial system, provides its residents with a life full of options. Canada has an extremely low unemployment rate in comparison to other affluent nations, with tens of thousands of jobs produced each month. Canad@ showing significant technological advances, making it an ideal location for IT experts and computer scientists. Telecommunications, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, aviation, and engineering are just a few of the most popular industries in which one can try their hands to get a well-paying & respectable job.

Canada is now seeking nanofabrication technologists, metrology technicians, application developers and programmers, pilots, security professionals, physicians and surgeons, and other professionals to contribute to the economy.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada in 2022

People were out of work for an incredibly long time owing to covid. Hence the pandemic has influenced people’s salary expectations.

  • Doctors & Surgeons

Surgeons and doctors make the highest salaries, averaging between $236,000 and $676,000 per year. Despite being one of the world’s most advanced & evolved countries, Canada has fewer physicians per capita than other countries such as Norway, Spain, and Italy. Furthermore, Covid had the greatest impact on the health sector. Many doctors lost lives or quit their positions as a result of the pandemic, resulting in a lack of surgeons and physicians at various institutions. People joining this industry seek higher wages as becoming a doctor is a high-risk career.

Cardiologists, anaesthesiologists, psychiatrists, and orthodontists earn the highest salaries in the healthcare industry.

  • Pilots

Pilots, who carry the responsibility of hundreds of people on their shoulders every day, need to be paid more. Obviously, being a pilot needs strenuous efforts and years of training. Pilots make an average of $178,500 per year.

  • Chief Marketing Officer

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) oversees the company’s day-to-day operations and is in charge of converting strategy into operational plans, execution, and performance management. It is a challenging task, especially given that a huge corporation has even larger objectives and a large number of staff to manage.  Depending on the size and reputation of the organization. The COO of a corporation may earn anywhere from $61,000 to a whopping $170,000 each year.

  • Software Architect

A Software Architect is a person who creates the design aspects of a software application. Software architects also play an important role in making high-level judgments on the coding standards of any program that is being built. Many organizations in Canada are seeking software architects, and with the IT sector expanding, the future of software architects appears bright. Software architects make an average of $137,936 per year. The income range might range from $124,850 to $153,104 based on where you reside. Your degree of education or certification, and your level of experience.

  • Corporate Controller

A Corporate Controller is responsible for all of a company’s key accounting responsibilities, which may include budgeting, invoicing, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. In Canada, the estimated yearly pay for a controller is $88,407, but it may rise to $130,300 or even more depending on the size of the organization.

  • Lawyer

Being a lawyer necessitates substantial training and a college degree, making it one of the highest-paying careers in Canada. A qualified lawyer can make up to C$135,000 per year.

  • Data Scientist

The job of a data scientist includes computer science, statistics, and mathematics. They evaluate, process, and model data before interpreting the findings to develop actionable plans for businesses and other groups. This occupational group has been experiencing a labor shortage at the national level since 2019, which is expected to continue through 2028. Therefore, Canada is aiming to address this shortfall gap by accepting immigrants and offering them higher salaries. A Data Scientist’s total annual income in Canada is CA$96,280, with an average salary of CA$87,248.

  • Software Engineer

A Software Engineer is essential to any company that creates its own computer programs or has to modify third-party software. They are in charge of writing, testing, and revising programs. An entry-level Software Engineer with less than one year of experience may expect to make a total income of C$66,107 including tips, bonus, and overtime pay. A mid-career Software Engineer with 5-9 years of experience makes C$86,442 in total compensation. An experienced Software Engineer with 10-19 years of experience makes C$93,975 in total compensation. Employees in their late-career (20 years and above) receive an average total salary of C$100,945.

  • Vice President

The vice president is responsible for monitoring internal operations, assisting in the development of strong customer connections, optimizing the company’s operating performance, and assisting in the achievement of the company’s financial goals. The Vice President of a well-known company can make up to $141,471 per year.

Choose Ace To Fulfill Your Dreams of Going To Canada

Ace’s best immigration lawyers in Dubai for Canada are here to help you obtain a work visa. Which may serve as your admission ticket to Canada. A work permit is the most important document required to be able to work in Canada. There are many types of work permits available, depending on your status in your profession. Our immigration lawyers have years of knowledge and can determine which work permit is appropriate for you.

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