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What is a Nurse Coach?

Nurse coaches are holistic health practitioners who work with patients and clients in ways that address the whole person. Their approach recognizes the importance of treating symptoms as more than just physical and emotional. They value each person’s uniqueness and value their ability to heal. By supporting and empowering people to make healthy decisions, nurse coaches can help them feel better.

The complexities of nursing are well understood by nurse coaches, both professionally and personally. They can help nurses combine their personal resources with their professional knowledge and skills to make a difference. They can help nurses overcome obstacles and renew their passion for the profession. Nursing coaching is not a substitute for mentoring, but a valuable addition to a nursing career.

Some nurse coaches may also have certifications beyond their regular nursing education. Some specialize in holistic medicine. They focus on the whole person and their relationships with family and community. A holistic nurse coach might also be certified in complementary therapies.

The term nurse coach describes a registered nurse who has obtained additional training, education, and practice; to build the skills necessary to deliver holistic and scientifically-based health and wellness counseling, in addition to their initial nursing school training. They also undergo various best nurse coach programs to enhance their knowledge.  

The process of nurse health coaching is collaborating with clients to attain their objectives and specific requirements through a sequence of deliberate, planned, and motivating activities. They are experts in their field and use their knowledge and skill sets to generate outcomes and accomplishments.

Nurse coaching aids clients in achieving success and recovery using coaching approaches and healing practices. To hone their skills, nurse coaches often need years of nursing school and personal work experience. Individually or collectively, coaches may foster growth and development by using their expertise in their specialized field.

Health coaches often develop a connection and relationship with their clients and use the client’s desire for progress as a guide to implementing a treatment objective. The client is assisted in identifying their concerns, objectives, and possibilities through a collaborative approach. Coaches are enthusiastic cheerleaders that help their clients visualize and achieve their development.

What do nurse coaches do?

Nurse coaches educate patients on how to identify and maintain healing and healthy lifestyles. They use their expertise and skillsets to assist patients in comprehending how to adopt a healthy lifestyle instead of just pointing out healthier options.

What roles and responsibilities does a nurse coach play?

Nurse coaches’ first and foremost objective is advocating for their patient’s health and well-being. From dealing with insurance companies to discussing hospital bills, their services extend beyond the patient’s current health.

In addition to empowering patients to make helpful and educated choices about their lifestyle, health requirements, and treatment, nurses in health care provide patients with the tools necessary to do so. They may interact with physicians about what the patient desires and how they might improve their health.

Nurse coaches include their patients’ economic and social position, psychological well-being, physical setbacks, spiritual and intellectual objectives, and even career demands in addition to their current health needs. Thus, nurse coaches are life coaches supported by education, training, and compassion.

Dr. Feyi Sangoleye is a Dr. Nurse and Entrepreneur at the intersection of research, health, wellness, and female empowerment. She gives inspirational and full learning keynote speeches.

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