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Extend Life of Your Chain Link Fences with these Simple Tips

Safety needs come after your physiological needs get fulfilled. Whether it is about your protection or someone else’s, you can’t compromise on this factor. That’s why some people prefer to have fences outside their properties, and they could be made up of wood, metal, or even plexiglass. Here, we will discuss chain link fences, which are metallic ones. Many people install them, but they miss out on something to make it more concrete against external threats like trespassing, invasion, etc. This is why it is for both commercial and domestic use, where people trust it for their protection.  

To avail of these protective fences, people look for sellers of these fences. While those sellers rely upon a trusted chain link mesh exporter. Here, these five valuable tips are going to help you for a long time.     

Use Fence Slats for Privacy

Many people have concerns regarding their privacy because of chain link fences, which halt them from installation at their premises. However, there are some ways to cover these fences. You can use fence slats to bring privacy for them. Also, they are available in different materials to meet your requirements. For instance, you may buy these slats in wood, plastic, fiber, etc. It will give you privacy as well as add beauty to your fences. Make sure to use a suitable color for your fences, which can match your home. 

If you really want to add something unique, go for a customized or landscape type of slat. These are like large posters with pictures. They will cover your fences as well, and they will make it an attractive spot for visitors, especially kids. Moreover, you can go for knitting art. Knitting art will add a unique design to your fences, which will rejoice you as well as visitors. All three types will be great for you.

  1. Wooden or plastic slats
  2. Landscape poster 
  3. Knitting art

Do Not Grow Plants on Them

If you think that plant hedging will add beauty to your fences, you might be wrong here. Since plants can grow their branches and roots rapidly, they will start shattering your fences from everywhere. Moreover, wild plants or weeds around the bottom of fences start growing roots, which lift the fences and make them vulnerable. 

If you want to give your fences an aesthetic look, you need to try artificial hedges instead. They are really lovely to watch and may contribute to your property value. In this way, you can have your wish fulfilled by having greenery around your chain link fences and you can also save them from damage.

Make Sure You Apply Anti-Corrosion Coat  

If you want your fences to survive for a long time, you need to care for them. How can you do that? With the help of anti-corrosion coating, you can save them from rust. Likewise, it will protect them from oxidation, and you will not have to worry about them. 

Moreover, once you coat them with a high-quality protective agent, all you can do is clean them on a monthly or at least semiannual basis. Resultantly, your fences will remain protected from weather effects like rain and snowfall. If you are living in regions where you face these problems, you can’t ignore this point at all. 

Don’t Overlook Minor Damages  

If you notice some minor damages on your chain link fences, it is not something you should ignore. They will turn into major damages in the future. In addition, you can’t afford to have broken or expanded meshes because they will let anyone break into your property. This is why you need to check them on a weekly basis to repair them on time. Since the main purpose of a fence is to provide resistance to trespassers and if they fail to do so, it will be useless to have them. 

Use a Tension Wire to Prevent Animals

No matter how strong chain link fences you use, if they can’t hold animals, it is a serious flaw in them. Who would like stray animals on their lawn damaging their property? No one, because your lawn has to be safe from every possible harm. 

Animals tend to pass through a fence by digging holes under them and they can easily do that without any doubt. To prevent them from doing that, you can install tension wire at the bottom of the fences. It will hold the strands of the fence from tearing apart. Moreover, some people use buried foundations to have a complete blockade against animals from digging their way through their fences. It is also a fine way, though it requires lots of effort and more mesh sheets.


After you use all these tips, there will hardly be any chance of any mistake from your end. In that way, you will be able to live a safe life.

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