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VoIP Features Every Small Business Should Utilize for Maximum Efficiency

VoIP phone systems allow unlimited business calls, so customers are not hit with per-minute charges or call limits. This improves customer relationships, enables more revenue potential, and boosts overall operational efficiency.

Instead of traditional landline handsets, VoIP users can take their calls on a softphone app installed on a mobile device. This allows employees to keep productivity up while on the move without worrying about missed calls or lost data.

Voicemail Transcription

What are the features and how to VoIP system on Ooma? One of the best VoIP features for small businesses is voicemail transcription. This feature translates audio into text, allowing users to review and reply to emails, messages, and other important calls, even when on the go or in meetings. You can do a VoIP system if you will explore more and are willing to learn.

This is an excellent option for a construction company that receives customer calls with project updates, plans, or instructions, a law firm that fields messages from clients with legal questions and issues, and other professional organizations that rely on their phone systems. Using this feature, callers can leave their name, contact number, and further relevant details with a simple reply to a voicemail message.

Another top VoIP feature for small businesses is music on hold, which plays music or other audio tracks while callers wait to be connected with a team member. Most VoIP providers include free background music options in their subscription packages and offer the opportunity to upload custom songs or voice-overs.

Call Queues

Long call wait times are a significant pain point for business customers. When a caller is stuck on the phone for too long, their persistence will likely fade, and they’ll hang up or request a callback. VoIP features like call queues help ensure callers are connected to an available representative as soon as possible, avoiding customer frustration and negative reviews.

The call queue feature allows businesses to customize the call routing so callers connect with the most appropriate person immediately. For example, a customer with a billing issue can press a button on the IVR to be routed to a rep who handles that call.

VoIP also lets teams use call forwarding to redirect incoming calls to another number or device. This is especially useful during busy seasons when the number of callers may spike and staff is limited. Other useful VoIP features include call recording and hot desking (the ability to move calls between desktop, mobile, and hardline phones). Call recorders allow teams to revisit conversations with clients, and managers can listen to calls of team members to evaluate their performance.

Call Forwarding

One of the best features of business VoIP is that calls can be directed to any device, whether a desk phone or smartphone. This flexibility and functionality allow companies to stay available to customers even when employees are working from home or traveling for work.

Customers feeling prioritized and heard are likelier to stick with a company and recommend it to their friends and colleagues. Likewise, remote call forwarding can help boost employee job satisfaction and lower absenteeism and turnover rates.

Business VoIP solutions can integrate with customer relationship management software, allowing teams to access customer data instantly and monitor sales milestones. This makes it easier to connect with customers, manage extensive volume inquiries and collaborate effectively across departments, whether employees are on the go or in the office. This also helps companies scale quickly and efficiently to meet their evolving business needs.

Call Recording

VoIP call recording is a feature that captures audio conversations on your business phone system. This lets you replay calls and listen to discussions between sales reps and customers. You can also use these recordings as training tools for new employees or to jog your memory if you forget something important during a conversation.

In addition to recording calls, VoIP solutions can offer other powerful communication features, such as unified messaging and voicemail-to-email. This makes it easier for your team members to stay in touch with one another, especially if they are working remotely or on the go.

When choosing a small business VoIP solution, select a provider that guarantees a high percentage of uptime and availability. This is essential for your business to ensure clients can always reach you. In addition, the provider should offer a range of bandwidth options to meet your needs. It should also integrate customer relationship management (CRM) to enable remote work and a flexible workforce.

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