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Computers and Technology

What Are The Advanced Must-Have Features of An E-learning App Like BYJU’s?

Features of An E-learning App Like BYJU's

BYJU’s has gained immense popularity in the world of edTech applications. Its success story inspires several other entrepreneurs to take the plunge into the eLearning market by hiring eLearning app developers.

But why is BYJU’s so successful? What are the features that make it stand out from the crowd of eLearning apps out there? You will want the answer to this question before you begin the hunt for the best eLearning app development company.

This blog aims to provide the answer by listing the top features behind BYJU’s unprecedented success and popularity.

What Sets An eLearning App Development Company Like BYJU’s Apart?

Here are the top features in BYJU’s learning that make it popular among millions of users worldwide:

Learn And Memorize

This app features a seamless, self-paced learning program that includes immersive and engaging video lectures. While they turn a boring learning session into a fun one, integrating their functionalities factors into the final elearning app development cost.

Live Classes

The teachers associated with the app provided Science and Math classes to students of classes 4-12 throughout the lockdown. The classes were for students of CBSE and various State Boards. The support they gave families in terms of uninterrupted learning made a big difference in their reputation as well. It’s one of the features that made BYJU’s an outstanding elearning app.

Detailed Analysis

With BYJU’s learning app, users can consistently track their student’s learning patterns. Students receive personalized tests according to performance in their learning journey. The app provides a comprehensive analysis of their progress to help them improve their performance and make adjustments if needed.

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They can also look at the accomplishments the student receives on clearing the courses and tests. You can have these features customized and incorporated through professional elearning app development services.

Practice And Revision

A separate mode is available for each of the concepts: practice. There is also a warm-up mode, a run mode, and a sprint mode. This feature allows students to test their understanding level based on their pace.

Each module in the app includes revision features that help students improve their grades in exams.

Personalized Tests

When you decide to create an eLearning App like BYJU’s, pay close attention to the testing functionality. Students rely on tests to gauge how far they have come and to assess the knowledge they have gained.

After completing each chapter, each student receives a customized test based on their learning needs. As a result, students are also able to comprehend and grasp the subject better.


You can test your knowledge and learn while having fun playing quizzes, which are also great when preparing for competitive examinations.

Knowledge Graphs

Students can learn and understand concepts more effectively with this app’s smart knowledge graphs.

Want To Develop An eLearning App Like BYJU’s?

Mobile applications leave lasting impressions through their graphics and the functionalities they offer. Users love interactive, feature-filled apps, and the more they can explore them, the longer the app keeps them engaged.

App development is based on this principle. However, you should be careful when adding features to your learning app to keep it from getting cluttered. Users can sense when the app feels overloaded or clunky; if done wrong, it will leave a negative impression.

The selection of features for your app should therefore be creative and thoughtful. The smallest of features can make a huge difference in a mobile application. The same goes for eLearning apps, and the team behind BYJU’s seems to understand it well.

Therefore, make sure you choose the best app development services and analyze the eLearning app development cost before you proceed.

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