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Jaipur has many exciting activities to offer including ATV ride in Motosports park Jaipur. An ideal vacation can be planned only when one knows the ideal time to visit a place. No one wants to roam the streets in scorching heat or beating rain. People need a perfect climate that can soothe them to enjoy their travel. Thus, while choosing a destination to travel it is necessary to know the months that are favourable for travel. 


About the destination

Jaipur is considered to be one of the most preferable destinations by tourists from around the world. Being part of the Golden Triangle along with Delhi and Agra, the place with its antiquity and modernity has so much to offer. There are palaces, forts, adventure spots, museums, parks and gardens that add glory to the Royal city. 


The streets of Jaipur are all colourful with its handicrafts and art works. Thus when in the Pink City you will have to roam and walk around a lot. And for this one needs to know the right season, to enjoy your visit fully. 


The Climate of Jaipur

Jaipur has a warm climate. But the best time to visit Jaipur would be roughly around October to March. And specifically it would be between November to January. 

The city is located in a semi arid desert area,  approximately about 400 metres above the sea level. 


The weather is usually hot and tropical. The seasons in Rajasthan can be divided into three. This includes a summer- spring with scorching heat that is unbearable, followed by heavy monsoons that stay for around two to three months. Finally the dry but warm winters, that is soothing. 


Jaipur Summers

Summers in Jaipur starts in March and stays around till May. The temperature varies around 38 to 44 degree celsius. Thus the summers in Jaipur can be balmy and tiring. Just think of roaming around forts on hilltops and the vibrant streets under the hot sun. In case you come in summer it would be sensible, if you carry around water bottles, shades, umbrellas, stoles and sunscreen. Also remember to book an air conditioned hotel room

Even with all preparations,a trip to Jaipur during summer can be extremely tiring and painful. With hot air blowing around these months, sightseeing through the day can be humid and sweaty. It would be wise to visit the various places at about sundown. In summer at Jaipur it would be a good choice to visit the gardens and parks other than the palaces and forts. 


Jaipur Monsoon

Monsoons in Jaipur start in June and can stay till the end of September. The city receives scanty rainfall which is much less than the average rainfall in a year. Thus with little rain, these months are favourable to tour around the city. The climate would be much cooler and calmer when compared to the summer months. Sightseeing can be done without any hindrance. With the ample amount of rain, the city would become more fresh, lush and vibrant. 


Adventure activities in Jaipur

This is also the right time to go for the adventure spots in the city. This includes the ATV rides in the city. With a driving licence and needed guidance one can enjoy the thrilling rides through the lush green landscapes and the ragged terrains. The ride is about 5 km. They do provide many options like Hammer for beginners. 


RZR polaris with 760cc to Rage Cyclone and finally Batman, all that can satiate a rider’s heart. Thus it makes a perfect location for the adventure seekers. 


Now to the winters in Jaipur, that range from mid October to the end of February. These are the most convenient months to visit the city. With less heat and cool wind, it becomes ideal for roaming around the palaces, forts and streets. The temperature may drop as low as 7°C and rise to 30°C during the day. Thus these months receive a large number of tourists to the city of Jaipur. 


The Forts in Jaipur

Among the forts in Jaipur, the prominent ones would be Amber Fort and Jaigarh Fort. With an uphill hike of a few minutes, one would reach the entrance of the Amber Fort. With a mixture of red sandstone and white marbles, the fort is an architectural masterpiece. The palace of mirrors with an intricate collection of mirrored tiles cannot be missed. The well crafted palace is a sheer beauty. 

The Jaigarh fort stands with pride on top of the Hill of Eagles on the Aravalli Range. The fort offers one of the best panoramic views of its surroundings. The fort also has the world’s largest cannon on wheels from the early modern era, adding to its prominence. 


Famous City Palace of Jaipur

The City Palace attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year. It is a complex combining the two mahals, the Chandra Mahal and Mubarak Mahal. The major attraction of the palace is its beautiful courtyards, halls, museums and gardens. 


The Hawa Mahal is also a prominent landmark in Jaipur. With its honeycomb structure, narrow corridors and intricate glassworks, one can simply admire the monument. 


Jaipur is a diverse tourist destination, with life bustling streets to calm, serene gardens and parks. The city has so much to be explored. Thus for a remarkable experience, come at the right time to this amazing city! 

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