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Top best MOBA online games

Following are the best MOBA online games


A next-generation MOBA that combines genre-defining multiplayer arena combat with rich strategic options. The player takes control of not only a unique hero (transforming robots are such here), but also a whole army of futuristic units. That is, the usual rules of the MOBA game in AirMech are successfully supplemented with full-fledged RTS features .

Visually, the game leaves a pleasant impression. Although the original AirMech appeared on consoles back in 2014 , the modern PC version has been given some notable cosmetic improvements. The style itself looks very bright: dozens of unusual mechanized units that can be customized as you wish, many unlockable skins for mechs, smooth animations and an endless stream of juicy combat special effects.


Unlike the usual MOBA, there are no heroes with abilities in Art of War: Red Tides. Instead, the player takes on the role of a commander who constantly sends troops into the enemy base in order to destroy the attacking turrets and the main structure.

It’s impressive that in Art of War: Red Tides, up to 300 units can clash in one battle. Moreover, the fighters visited this world from different eras and universes: there are swordsmen, crossbowmen, flamethrowers, monsters with magic, robots and many others.

Combat is often similar to what happens in StarCraft. The developers do not hide that it was the Desert Strike map from this series that inspired them.


MOBA translates from English as “multiplayer online battle arena”, and these four words can describe the entire MageQuit. It does not have an element of strategy, as in the same DotA – here a bunch of mages fight each other in a small makeshift arena, having only powerful spells in their arsenal. The battle lasts 9 rounds, and the winner will be the one with the longest beard, which grows with each kill.

The features of MageQuit include several modes (team and single), an abundance of spells (63 ways to eliminate the enemy), sensitive control both from the keyboard and mouse , and from the gamepad . The game also boasts fast battles and nice graphics.


Multi-platform MOBA  best crazygames ported to PC from mobile devices. Related to this is the main gameplay feature of Dungeon Hunter Champions, which will certainly appeal to the laziest gamers – automatic battles. Of course, you can do without it if you like the endless monotonous grind.

The protagonist is a summoner, capable of summoning Champions to participate in the Eternal Competition. In total, Dungeon Hunter Champions has more than two hundred champions – unique heroes with their own set of skills. Battles can take place both against other players in the 5×5 or 25×25 format, and against raid bosses.


Demigod skillfully combines RTS and RPG genres. Players will take control of the local demigods, who are divided into two camps: generals and assassins. The former lead an army of units, while the latter act independently, but they are much stronger.

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The crazygames online is standard for the genre: choose a hero and go to the arena to destroy opponents and the enemy base, pumping character characteristics along the way and buying new equipment. There are 4 modes available: Conquest, Dominion (similar to Capture the Flag), Total Destruction and Fortress

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