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Your Guide To Rolex Replica Chains And Straps

We often appreciate the stunning watches,but in this post we turn the watches around and take a closer look at Rolex Replica s beautiful chains and straps


At Rolex,nothing is ever left to chance.


Not even when it comes to their chains and straps.


Because even though it may not be the part of the watch that gets attention at first glance,they,like everything else from Rolex Replica,are carefully studied before they leave production to ensure aesthetics,comfort and durability are top notch.


Rolex chains


When Rolex Replica’s first wristwatch came on the market,it was accompanied by a leather strap.


Although Rolex still produces several models with leather straps,today it is the chain that dominates most of Rolex’s models.


The chain comes in oyster,jubilee,president,pearlmaster and oysterflex.


Some of them look largely the same as when they came on the market,while others have been developed quite a bit-albeit with respect for their original design.


The Oyster chain


The Oyster chain was first introduced in the late 1930s.


Known for its flat 3-part chain construction,it is the most widely used chain.


It is also the chain that comes in the most variations and is therefore available in all types and combinations of the metals.


You can get the chain in steel,rolesor(combination of two metals),18 carat gold,18 carat white gold and 18 carat everose.


The Oyster chain is usually seen on sports models such as the Submariner or Daytona,but can also be found on,for example,Datejust and Oyster Perpetual.


The oyster chain is available with all types of Rolex Replica clasps including oysterlock,oysterclasp and crownclasp and can also include easylink.


The Jubilee Chain


In connection with Rolex’s 40th anniversary in 1945,the so-called Datejust had its world premiere.


But it wasn’t just the model that premiered.


The watch came with a new 5-part chain,which was designed especially for Datejust–the so-called anniversary chain.


At first it was only possible to acquire the chain in gold,but in the 1950s,

when a new chain called President came on the market,it was also produced in gold/steel and steel.


Today you can get the chain in gold,steel and gold/steel.


The Jubilee chain,which was originally designed for the Datejust,is most often seen on this model,but can also be found on,for example,the GMT Master II”Pepsi”.


The Jubilee chain comes with the so-called crowneclasp,

which beautifully creates a hidden closure or oysterclaps,which is also seen on the oyster chain.

Rolex replica

The President link


In 1956,Rolex presented the President chain together with the Day-Date model.


The link was made especially for this,and is still used today mainly for Day-date.


However,it is also seen on some versions of the Lady-Datejust–but only those with the precious metals such as gold and everose.


The President link lies between the oyster and jubilee links in terms of appearance.


Like oysters,it has a 3-part chain.


But the President chain also has the half-round links that can be seen on the anniversary chain.


As something completely fixed,the President chain is never made of steel.


It is only available in 18 carat gold,white gold,everose and platinum.


The exclusive chain is also only available with a crown clasp.


The Pearlmaster link


When the Pearlmaster series came on the market in 1992,

it was with the introduction of a new 5-part chain with rounded edges called the pearlmaster chain.


Pearlmaster is Rolex Replica’s jewelery watch collection,

where you will find,among other things,diamonds adorning both dials and chains.


Therefore,the chain is also considered Rolex Replica’s most feminine.


The Pearlmaster chain comes in 18 carat gold,white gold and everose.


In addition,the versions can be obtained fully covered in diamonds,but also with fewer than that.


The Pearlmaster chain always comes with the hidden closure crownclasp.


  The Oysterflex link


The newest shoot on the trunk is called oysterflex.


Introduced in 2015 on the Yacht-master 40,the link is Rolex’s answer to a rubber strap.


At first glance,oysterflex just looks like a rubber strap with a folding buckle,but when it comes to Rolex Replica,we all know that nothing from their hand is that simple.


Because although most people will probably maintain that when it comes to rubber,

it is called a strap,we call it a chain because Rolex insists on it.


And there is a special reason why they do it.


That reason must be found in the construction.


Because inside the oysterflex chain is a core made of titanium and nickel.


This is covered by black elastomer-a material that is particularly resistant to environmental influences and which is also incredibly durable.


This combination makes oysterflex as robust as metal,but still as flexible as a rubber strap.


Rolex Replica has also thought about the heat a rubber strap can give off and therefore attached”fins”.


These fins leave space between the skin and the chain,which provides better air circulation and thus better comfort.


The Oysterflex chain also has an oysterlock that closes the chain securely around the wrist in the company of easylink,which allows you to extend or tighten the chain by five millimeters.

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