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Health and Medical

Physical Therapy for Back

Body pains especially neck, lower back, shoulder pain, and knee pain are very common with more than 90% of all people experiencing such body aches at least once in their lifetime.

There are diverse ways of treating structural aches including medication and in some extreme cases surgery. However, one of the more effective ways of dealing with these pains is physical therapy. Physical therapy entails both passive and active processes.


Deep tissue massaging is ideal for neck, back and shoulder pain relief as it applies sufficient pressure on tissues to relief pain and muscular tension. Massage is especially ideal for the simple conditions especially those associated with poor posture. However, to resolve the main cause of the condition

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is very effective in treating aches since it helps relax muscles and allows for better blood circulation which in turn provides more oxygen and nutrients to the affected areas. Though heat therapy will not resolve the cause of the aches, it will help reduce it to manageable levels. Heat therapy is especially effective in resolving both back and shoulder pain.

Electric Muscle Therapy

Electric muscular therapy helps reduce muscular discomfort and body aches by reducing muscular tension.


Water is known to be a pain reliever and it simply helps muscles to relax as the water massages your body. Relaxing in a water bath helps in reducing structural discomfort especially back and shoulder pain.


This is a physical therapy process that uses machine generated ultrasound waves to increase general body temperature and thereby allowing for better blood circulation. Improved blood circulation increases oxygen levels in the affected areas and therefore speeding the healing process.

Active Physical Therapy Treatment

Active therapy involves personal exercising of your body to relax muscles and improve blood circulation. These exercises may be used hand in hand with medication.

Abdomen Muscles Exercises

Abdominal muscles play a major part in maintaining body structure and stability.

These subject showed different levels and areas of effect from Fibromyalgia. In addition their brain indicated structural and behavioral differences from those of healthy individuals,

but it is unclear whether the brain anomalies cause fibromyalgia symptoms or are the product of an unknown underlying common cause.

The benefit of applying electrical therapy is unquestionable. The question is how precisely to apply it. Fibromyalgia is complex disease that requires thorough assessment and guidance from a health care professional. Once this assessment is done the relief of this tedious and painful disorder could be a past in a month including the chronic cases.Most important, the consultation would be to asses the precise symptoms of the Fibromyalgia and the reason for it.

Muscle strengthening

Muscular strengthening exercises are exercises that work to build your Electric muscular therapy and thereby protecting your body structure from excessive strain and pressure in your daily chores.

Total Motion Therapy is an award winning and revolutionary physical therapy technique house that provides therapy treatment for back, shoulder pain, knee pain among other structural aches with amazing results. You can find out more about total motion therapy by following the links.


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