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Sociology Dissertation Ideas – 10 Topics To Get Started With

So, you are a student of sociology looking to start working on your dissertation? Great to hear that you are finally at the ending stages of your PhD degree. However, do you know what the most important thing is when working on your sociology dissertation? Yes, you have guessed it right. It is looking for sociology dissertation ideas and choosing one idea that suits your research abilities and interests.

Sociology is a very broad field covering almost all the aspects of human behaviour in society. So, getting a perfect idea for your sociology dissertation is difficult. Keeping this in mind, today’s topic is all about discussing the top 10 sociology dissertation ideas you can start with. However, before moving to that discussion, let’s briefly explain what a sociology dissertation is and its importance for a student.

What is a sociology dissertation? Explain with importance

A sociology dissertation is a study of society, social patterns, social relationships, and behaviour of individuals living in society towards each other. Essentially, in this dissertation, the researcher studies how humans in a society function and interact. A dissertation on the sociology topic also explores the causes behind the evolution of society. Coming towards its importance, it is important for every final year student to write a sociology dissertation to get the degree. Also, by writing such a dissertation, the students get more know-how about how society works and its role in its evolution. So, all these points make it important writing. Therefore, hiring a dissertation writing service becomes very important for topic selection.

Top 10 wonderful sociology dissertation ideas

Sociology is the study of human behaviour in a community. Much research is going on this subject, and more breath-taking findings are emerging. Due to this, choosing a specific area for research is becoming difficult for students. Therefore, a brief description of the top 10 sociology dissertation ideas for students to get started with is as follows:

Race, nationality, and ethnicity

These three are the most famous research ideas in sociology. In fact, much of the sociology research is based on these three topics. In such a dissertation, you talk about the effects of the same or opposite race, nationality, and ethnicity in society. Sociologists are becoming more interested in studying these topics as the world is turning into a global village. Some topics under this area are as follows:

  • Racial stereotypes and their effects on society
  • Race and police brutality – A case study of the USA

Mass media and social media

Media has influenced the lives of millions of people, and it is shaping society rigorously with each passing day. What you see on TV, on mobile phones, and in magazines is deeply affecting the way you interact with others in your society. So, some dissertation topics on this sociology research idea are as follows:

  • Sexuality and Disney movies – A case study of the UK
  • The effect of romantic comedies on women in the UK

Sociology of food and eating

Food is a very interesting sociology dissertation idea not because of how it is produced in most parts of the world but because of how it is consumed. Different societies have different food and eating habits. So, it is one of the very interesting sociology dissertation ideas to start with. However, some research topics related to this area are as follows:

  • Food laws and regulations in the UK – A guide for society
  • Relationship between child obesity and fast food chains

Youth culture sociology ideas

Studying youth culture as a research topic is another fascinating area of sociology. Young people nowadays behave differently under different circumstances. Sometimes, they behave opposite to their natural attitude. What makes them do so can be a potential research topic in sociology. So, below are some topics related to this idea.

  • How are adolescents being affected by modern pop music?
  • Hip Hop culture in the ’80s, ’90s and ’2000s and its effects on youth

Gender and sexuality

Another great sociology dissertation idea is to conduct research on gender and sexuality behaviours prevailing in society. It exists in every culture and society around the world. Men and women have always been opposite in every society in the world. So, the following is a list of topics on this idea:

  • Gender inequality on the job – A case study of the London, UK
  • Transgender people and their role in society

Social movements

Studying social movements for the rights of people is another one of the top sociology dissertation ideas. Nowadays, more and more movements take place in the world for different societal purposes. So, studying their effects and aftermath could be good research topics. However, below are the topics that you can study related to this idea:

  • A study of disability rights of the people of the UK
  • A study of the aftermaths of the Black Lives Matter movement

Sociology of cults

Sometimes, the people in a society are associated with an organisation which shares the same belief as theirs. Sometimes, these groups can be so united that their cult following can be very destructive to society. So, you can also study such groups in your dissertation. The topics could be:

  • The brand relationship of the cult-like following
  • Cult membership – A study of its effects on society

Class conflict and inequality

Not every human on this planet Earth is the same. Some are rich, and some are poor. Some are elite class, and some are middle class. This conflict of classes gives birth to many societal issues and could be a very good topic to research. Some research topics related to this area are:

  • Taxes and wages – A comparison of Elite and Middle class
  • Class and parenting styles – A case study of the UK

Sociology of spirituality

Spirituality is one of my favourite sociology dissertation ideas. It talks about society’s relation to religion and its effects on human behaviour. The research topics that you can study under this idea are as follows:

  • The spiritual needs assessment of the people of the UK
  • Spirituality and religion as social glue


Conclusively, I hope this list of sociology dissertation ideas will be beneficial to you in terms of your final year research. All the topics discussed above are good to start with your sociology dissertation. However, I would encourage you to go for the topic that suits your interest and research expertise.



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