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Health and Medical

One Science BCAA Review

The Best Of BCAA

BCAAs may sound complex to someone who is not into heavy or intense workouts. Ask any bodybuilder or an athlete, and they will tell you how vital are BCAA supplements in their fitness regime. There are multiple BCAA supplements in the market, and each of them claims to be the best, but truth be told. All of them are not the best.

You have to pick the BCAA supplement that comes straight from a worldwide recognized brand. Today we got One ScienceA BCAA from One Science Nutrition (OSN).

Fitness freaks and die-hard sports enthusiasts must be well aware of-  One Science Nutrition (OSN) as their focus lies on good health by making people’s health strong from the very core.

Their range of BCAA supplements is focused on helping you lose fat and gain muscle. Before you decide to go with One Science BCAA, let us review it on different parameters.

Nutritional Value of One Science BCAA

The best way to gauge if a supplement is good for you and benefits is by checking its nutritional value per serving.

  • Nutrition Information- Its serving size of 6.5 g (1 scoop)gives
  • BCAA-7.5g for increased muscle mass and enhanced strength levels during training
  • Glutamine-2.5g for improved muscle protein synthesis and faster recovery from intense workouts.
  • Best BCAA Ratio comes with One Science BCAA.
  • Yes, the ideal BCAA ratio is 2:1:1. Why? BCAA comprises three essential amino acids- leucine, Isoleucine, & Valine. The leucine amino acid has the most substantial anabolic effects on protein synthesis. Thus a good BCAA supplement has a bigger leucine than Isoleucine and Valine. The ideal ratio works to boost muscle strength and promote lean muscle mass.
  • One Science BCAA has-
  • L-Leucine-2500 mg
  • L-Isoleucine-1250 mg
  • L-Valine-1250 mg
  • Thus you go to the ideal ratio of 2:1:1, which will definitely help you do better during workouts and recover faster after intense workouts.
  • Includes Electrolytes- You need sufficient mineral levels during the workout. If the mineral levels of calcium, magnesium, and sodium fall below the average level way too much, it can cause muscle cramps to severe things like a coma. It got 1gm of electrolytes per serving.
  • One Science BCAA comes loaded with electrolytes that keep your body hydrated and essential mineral levels to keep the water balanced during the workout to prevent dehydration.
  • Top of it is a vegan product, making it ideal for all.

Its nutritional value in terms of BCAA is excellent, and for this, it gets a straight 9.2/10. Grab your jar of it from a trusted and authentic source today and bring your A-game to your gym sessions.

Taste and Flavors

  • To supplement your daily habit, you must enjoy its taste. If it does not taste, you will not take it for more than a day or two. With One Science BCAA, you are set to get the superpower of BCAA and taste that is rocking.
  • The best part about One Science BCAA is that it comes in exciting flavors-
  • Raspberry, Peach Ice Tea, Pomegranate Berries, Mango Pineapple Orange, Kiwi, Green Apple, and Pear to choose from!
  • Pick any flavor you want, and you will love it. The most special flavor is Peach Ice Tea, and it has an excellent overall customer rating. You will not have the problems of lumps being formed as the powder mixes smoothly and creates a perfect, consistent shake when mixed with water, milk or your favorite beverage.

Its taste value is good, and it will make you want to try and experiment with different flavors for it. Their team of experts have done a brilliant job with getting fantastic flavors that are hard to resist. For its taste, it gets 9.3/10.

Overall Review of One Science BCAA-

  • It is no doubt one BCAA supplement that one must try when their focus is to increase BCAA intake. With regular and recommended dosage, it has proven results with-
  • You will experience enhancement in your strength levels of building muscle.
  • Will prevent muscle loss.
  • The BCAAs will help reduce protein breakdown, therefore, acting as a fuel to build muscles. By reducing muscle breakdown, OSN Nitra BCAA increases your energy, thus improving your performance significantly.

The Take-Away Message-

When the love and passion for being fit and getting your best self are there, there can be no compromise on nutrition. With One Science BCAA, you get the finest BCAA nutrition that supports your dream of being the best version of yourself. 

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