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How do you fix an HP laptop that won’t turn on?

If your HP Laptop doesn’t turn on, several possible causes exist. You might want to check the battery or external hard drive. You can also try the BIOS recovery procedure. To do this, you will need to hold the Windows key and the b and v keys at the same time. The system will prompt you to enter BIOS recovery. Follow the instructions to complete the process. After completing this step, your HP laptop should boot into Windows normally.

Problem with battery

The battery may be dead if your HP laptop won’t turn on or charge. Sometimes the charger doesn’t work properly, or you may not have enough power to charge the battery. If this is the case, you may need to download and install the latest battery drivers. Alternatively, you can try replacing the battery. You’ll need to plug in the battery and re-plug the laptop.

The first step in solving the battery problem on an HP laptop is to check whether the battery is in good condition. To test this, you can remove the battery and try charging it with an external device. Make sure the battery is not overheated. It will help you to isolate the problem and fix it quickly. If the charging process does not start, you must replace the battery. If the battery is dead, you must replace the battery with a new one.

Next, check the components on the HP laptop. If they are in good condition, you can replace them. If you don’t have the replacement battery, check for any pending Windows updates and download them immediately. Doing so will help prevent the battery problem from recurring. If the problem persists, contact HP customer support for assistance. There are several options available to solve this problem. One of them is to restore the BIOS settings to their default values. Then, try restarting your HP laptop using the power button.

Problem with external hard drive

Your external hard drive isn’t turning on or detecting properly. It may be because the bundled software on your external hard drive isn’t compatible with the newer operating system. In this case, you should check the software that came with your external hard drive and ensure it’s compatible with the new OS. Also, be sure to check that it’s updated and detected properly by your operating system. Try connecting the hard drive to different ports to ensure it is detected correctly. You may need to try a different USB cable for this.

If you see the hard drive in Disk Management, the most likely cause is a hardware issue, such as a damaged drive or a damaged port. You can try formatting the external drive and see if that helps. If you cannot see the drive, it could also be a problem with your computer or external hard drive. If your external hard drive is detected but isn’t showing up, it may be the case that it’s dead.

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Another common cause of an HP laptop not turning on is a power problem. This problem can prevent the laptop from starting up at all. The battery or power cable might be faulty. In this case, you should replace or repair the adapter. If you can’t find a replacement, try using a different AC adapter. If all else fails, you may need to perform a hard reset on your HP laptop to make it boot up.


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