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Cleaning professional kitchens – how to manage and organize it

Cleaning professional kitchens requires special attention at every stage because bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms can develop in the places where food is prepared.

Sanitary day in the restaurant. Repeats wash your workplace. Cooks wash oven, stove and extractor in the Restaurant

Carrying out cleaning the kitchen of a restaurant needs to follow the rules of the sector in order not to miss anything and to create a perfectly sanitized work environment.

In this article, we will analyze this particular activity starting from the essential rules.

Where to start cleaning the kitchen of a restaurant: HACCP

To start cleaning a restaurant kitchen correctly, it is necessary to know HACCP, whose full meaning is Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, hazard analysis, and critical control points.

The HACCP manual that is drawn up by the owner is the document in which, among other things, the methods for resolving food risks and, consequently, also the cleaning operations that must be carried out to keep the professional kitchen in impeccable conditions are indicated.

To properly manage the cleaning of the restaurant kitchen, you need to:

  • Carry out the activities and tasks daily and those that are less frequently
  • Determine which cleaning and sanitizing products for different surfaces.
  • Describe the methods by which they must perform the different cleaning activities
  • Provide a phase of monitoring and possible optimization of cleaning

To do a flawless job you need experience and a lot of attention because germs and bacteria lurk even in tiny areas that can go unnoticed.

Main steps for cleaning professional kitchens

The list of tasks that need some execution after each shift or even after finishing a single preparation is really long, but let’s try to see some of what we could define as usual.

We can perform main activities daily in a professional kitchen, which are:

  • Clean and sanitize worktops, shelves, pantries, cutting boards
  • Thoroughly clean stoves, cooking plates, grills, kettles
  • Clean and sanitize refrigerators, slicers, and other tools used for processing.
  • Clean the extractor hoods
  • Remove residues and dirt from the cold room
  • To wash floors

Other cleaning operations in less frequency:

  • Scrupulously clean freezers and blast chillers
  • Meticulously clean the ovens
  • Thoroughly clean the coffee machine and ice machine
  • Clean and wash the walls and ceiling

These are just some of the things that need cleaning to keep a professional kitchen is an excellent sanitary condition.

Rely on a professional cleaning company to have a compliant kitchen

To be sure of having a professional kitchen that is clean and sanitized properly. You can ask for the collaboration of a qualified cleaning company.

A team of professionals knows how to intervene, which products to use, which are the most critical areas, and, therefore, can perform a meticulous cleaning at suitable times.

Cleaning planning is fundamental, therefore the cleaning company and the restaurant owner must coordinate to schedule the interventions with the right frequency and minimize the disturbance of the work activity. If you want concrete help in cleaning the kitchen of your restaurant.

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