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Office cleaning quote: better by the hour or by the service?

It happens that those who ask a specialized company for a quote for office cleaning always expect to have costs associated with the number of hours the operator works. 

A request of this type is understandable, but from a professional’s point of view, the number of hours is not a precise parameter for establishing the price of a complex service such as office cleaning.

The hourly cost for office cleaning: beware of inaccurate estimates

A serious cleaning company that is asked to put in the estimate the number of hours that the operator will work should say that the time shown to carry out the service is entirely indicative.

This might seem like a gimmick to not show a clear hourly cost for office cleaning while, instead, it is a way to meet the customer. But only if it explains the customer that the purpose of a cleaning team is to get results. High quality regardless of the time taken.

Let’s take an example to better understand how variable a cleaning service in an office can be: during a working day the operator could choose,  based on his experience and the characteristics of the environment, to use a professional cleaning machine or simple hand tools. This decision involves more or less time.

How to calculate a cleaning quote? Evaluate the performance and not the hours.

To make an informed decision you have to ask yourself: is it more important that my offices are cleaned well or that the cleaner takes exactly the time written on the quote?

To start a productive and lasting collaboration between the client company and the cleaning company it is essential to establish a relationship of mutual trust and to start from the assumption that the service performed with precision and reliability is of fundamental importance.

An estimate based on performance and not on the number of hours can therefore be the best solution for both parties,  because the customer will get a clean office in the best possible way, with specific equipment and products, while the cleaning operator will carry out their work with precision and serenity.

We will therefore estimate each intervention as a service allowing the customer to know how much he will spend to have a specific service suitable for his specific case. For example, if the client has an office of 90 square meters, she will have a different quote from one that has an office of 300 square meters including the stairs.

What is a good office cleaning quote based on?

We act by making inspections before entering a contract or a quote , thus speaking, with the customer, and find out what their real needs are, to observe the environments, needs cleaning and the different materials that compose them.

Computation for performance estimate by having real data on which to base.

In conclusion, it is always better to judge the quality of the work of the company instead of considering the time in which the operators remain inside the office.

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