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How To Make Paper Pouches For Cutlery?

Cutlery is an integral part of our lives. These sharp and heavy objects are used for dining purposes. To keep them in a presentable manner on the dinner table, they can be kept in attractive paper pouches. This is an effective way to store and organize small to large cutleries in an appealing way. The cutlery pouches are an excellent way of storing and holding fine pieces of cutlery in an attractive way. You can make the pouches by using a mix of various paper products. If you don’t want to make then you can buy cutlery stand.

How to Make A Simple Cutlery Pouch?

        • A simple cutlery pouch is easy to make and will hold your knives, spoons, and forks in one place on the dining table and will make it look more organized. The way how one can make a carrier piece for cutlery is as follows:
        • Firstly, you need a letter-sized card that is eight and a half by eleven.
        • With the help of a ruler. You need to mark four inches from the left edge at the top. Now four inches from the right edge at the bottom.
        • After the above step. Take a ruler and pencil and join the two dots that you have marked at the top and bottom of the page. This is the basis of your carrier piece.
        • Buy using  of a Stampin Up trimmer. Line up the pencil line on the groove and after it cuts the paper, you are left with two pieces of paper.
        • Now, you have to score the short at the Stampin up trimmer at the quarter-inch and then score at four and ⅛ inches. After this score at a quarter inch along the bottom.
        • You have a quarter edge right, a quarter edge along the small edge, and a quarter edge along the long side of the paper, and in the center of the sheet, you have a crease which is four ⅛.
        • Add some decoration, and line the diagonal cut piece and this will provide you with a bit of decoration. Now to assemble the sheet, sharpen the two vertical creases. Then use the glue or tear and tape along the little edge that is just inside the scored mark and then simply stick the two vertical edges together. So, now it is sealed at the side and bottom, and at the end, you have a small little paper pouch.
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  • Then to give it a more attractive look, you can fold a napkin that will match your pouch and place it inside the pouch, and then put your fork, spoon, and knife inside it. Yes, it is that simple to make it.

You can have many of these cute little paper pouches that are easy to make and will add beauty to your dining table. Now decorate these paper pouches as per your wish. It is your level of creativity and skill how beautiful you can make these paper pouches look. You can decorate it with laces, use mirrors, or by making paper flowers or butterflies to decorate it.

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