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How is Organic Fertilizer made? How to make Homemade Organic Manure (Bio Fertilizer)

Information related to Organic Fertilizer- Due to the use of more chemical fertilizers for better yield in the field, the soil is becoming barren due to the depletion of the yield potential of the land. The water absorption capacity of the land is also decreasing, due to which it is becoming even harder. People are also falling prey to many diseases by eating vegetables prepared using chemical fertilizers. There was a time when scientists had given importance to the use of chemical fertilizers to increase the yield and yield of the crop. But due to the use of more chemical fertilizers in agriculture, there has been a significant reduction in the moisture content of the land, due to which the land has become very strict. To prevent this, the interest of the farmers towards organic manure has been seen. If you also want to know about how to make organic fertilizer, how to make home organic fertilizer, then its information is being given here. Bio.SoilZ

What is Organic Manure?

The manure obtained from animals and plants is called biofertilizer. Those farmers who do farming as well as raise animals, they use excreta, dung or leftover fodder, grass and manure prepared from plant residues from animals, which is called organic manure. This manure is also considered good for the yield and yield of the crop, due to which the crop is also very good and toxin free. It also increases the yield potential of the land. The micro-organisms and systems of living beings generated by nature do a lot of support for our farming.

Method of Preparation of Organic Manure

The help of microorganisms is taken for the supply of fertilizers and elements in the field. This microorganism, which has been done by the use of chemical fertilizers in the fields, will have to be used to make up for it, so that nutrients can be available to the crop in the field.

In pulse crops, 4 to 5 packets of Rhizobium culture will have to be applied per acre. In the same pulse crops, apply the same amount of Ejectobacter culture. To dissolve the phosphorus present in the soil, 5 packets of P.S.P culture have to be applied per acre.

This manure will increase the number of microorganisms by improving the elements of the land and will also increase the circulation of air, which will also improve the ability to absorb and hold water in agriculture and produce a good amount of crops. Crops and shrubs have all the elements of tree residues that they need. Some such methods are mentioned below.

Manure Prepared by Nadep Method:

It should have a nadep, whose shape should be something like this: length 12 feet, width 5 feet, height 3 feet make a pit like this. After this 75% dry residue of vegetation, 20% green grass, carrot grass, carrot grass puwal, 5% cow dung and 2000 liters of water. All these things should be done in small pieces. Mix all these things in water and mix them well with a shovel.

Step 1: – First of all, fill the waste in Nadep till four fingers. Then put the soil till two fingers. Add water to it, when the entire nadep is filled, then cover it with 4 fingers of soil.

Step 2: – Spread a layer of rock phosphate up to 12-15 kg on top of the prepared waste and soak it in water. After this again pour water by laying pearl soil on it till 1 finger. Cover the filled pit with a layer of soil with 4 fingers.

Step 3: – Spread the pearl layer of 2 finger neem leaves on top of the garbage. After this, after 60 days, 5 packets of P.S.B. And dissolve 5 packets of Ejectobacter culture and fill it in the hole. After this fill these holes with soil.

Method of Preparation of Organic Matka Manure:

Some of the methods of making organic manure at home are as follows:-

Manure prepared by kitchen waste: – The waste generated in the kitchens of the villagers tells about the low scale aerobic decomposition, how to use it. The information about the method of preparing this manure is as follows:-

Dig a one foot deep pit and then fill the garbage collected by the canteen, hotel, kitchen. Put about 250 grams of bacteria in the pit containing these waste, these bacteria work to increase the breakdown. After this, mix a pearl layer of water and soil together and spread it on it so that the moisture content remains intact. After 25-30 days this waste will be converted into microbial rich manure. This process can be repeated every 30 to 35 days.

Manure Prepared by Dry Organic Fertilizer:

This type of compost can be made from either rock phosphate or seagrass, and they can be mixed with a variety of ingredients. All biofertilizers provide a comprehensive array of nutrients, with some formulated to provide micronutrients while balancing the amounts of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.

At present, there are many types of mixtures available, with the help of which you can make your own by mixing different modifications.

Method of Preparation of liquid Bio Fertilizer:

This type of compost is made from seaweed or tea leaves. Liquid fertilizer is used to increase the nutrients present in the plants, for this it should be sprayed on the plants every month or every two weeks. Spraying should be done by filling the mixture of liquid biofertilizer in the sprayer tank in the form of spray.

Growth Enhancer

A fertilizer prepared from kelp is kelp which is the most common growth enhancing fertilizer. This fertilizer helps in absorbing nutrients more effectively. It is being used by farmers since time immemorial.

Panchagavayam Uvrak

In this word ‘Panch’ means Panch and Gavyam means element arising from cow. This fertilizer has been used since ancient times. This compost can be prepared in this way:-

  • Take a pot
  • Add cow’s milk, curd, butter, ghee, urine, cow dung and coconut and mix it well with a wooden stick.
  • Keep the vessel containing the mixture closed for three days.
  • After three days, add banana and jaggery and mix it.
  • Keep on mixing this whole mixture every day for 21 days, and after mixing, close the pot of the mixture well.
  • After 21 days when the smell starts coming from the mixture.
  • Then mix 200 ml of the prepared mixture in 10 liters of mixture and spray it on the plants.
  • Use of Green Tea
  • A weak mixture of green tea mixed with water can be sprayed every four weeks.

Gelatin Fertilizer Used

Gelatin is a rich source of nitrogen for plants; to make it, dissolve a package of gelatin in a cup of hot water and mix it. Add 3 cups of cold water at the time of use. Use it at an interval of one month. There is also one thing that not all plants grow with nitrogen only.

Fish Using Home Water

Fish waste is considered a good fertilizer. Therefore, while changing the water from the fish house tank, its water can be brought less by spraying it in the plants.

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