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Cleaning in hotels, a matter of professionals!

It is essential for a Hotel that wants to succeed, to maintain a maximum level of hygiene, since this contributes massively to its commercial success and to its notoriety. Indeed, the general maintenance of a hotel is essential , from furniture to beds, including entrance halls and water areas. This represents a major challenge for hoteliers . 

 A key figure should be remembered: you should know that a hotel bed can accommodate up to 3,650 people over 10 years, or 365 different people in one year! 

 This figure is significant, especially considering that each person is unique and reacts differently depending on the bedding and cleaning products used for the professional cleaning of their room. 

 Therefore, choosing the right professional cleaning products by favoring the health of its employees, but also of its customers, while ensuring efficient and professional cleaning is a guarantee of quality by hoteliers .

 But how can you make the right choice? Three criteria that will allow you to find the professional cleaning product made for you.

 Comply with hygiene requirements and limit health risks

Placed at the heart of the Australian economy, the CHR (Café-Hotels-Restaurants) sector contributes to its dynamism and forms one of the most important and emblematic showcases of the country’s tourist or non-tourist clientele. Both nationally and internationally. 

 This is why this demanding sector requires rigor and professionalism.

 It is therefore essential for a Hotel to realize that the cleaning and maintenance of a hotel is not only a legal obligation, but above all a real strategic element. In addition, opting for quality cleaning products ensures exceptional maintenance for maximum management of the cleanliness of your establishment.

 It is therefore essential to choose a range designed to treat specific surfaces in order to optimize your cleaning and guarantee the cleanliness criteria so sought after by your customers.

 Cost-effective solutions

When purchasing its equipment, the establishment must include a budget in its operating expenses to maintain the furniture, and not just for cleaning the furniture, walls and windows.

 Indeed, neglecting the maintenance of certain spaces and surfaces could represent a significant reduction in costs for certain hoteliers looking for savings and not necessarily aware that the well-being of their customers is essential.

 Some will prefer to spread this expense over another expense or simply keep it as a profit. 

 For example, in large groups, it is typically a load that will be eliminated, as the pressure on operational loads may be high. But this is a bad strategic choice. In order to maintain a good reputation and keep customers, many solutions are available to you, hotel industry players, which will allow you to make greater savings. 

 Why not opt   for highly concentrated formulas? This option offers several benefits. First, this will allow you to adapt your cleaning product to the surface treated but also to the type of stains you want to clean. 

 Indeed, the concentrated maintenance formulas do not contain a lot of water in its production, so you reduce the consumption of water and product .

 Then, the main advantage of this option is the saving of money. If you buy ultra-concentrated solutions, this will allow you to use fewer products , buy fewer maintenance cleaning solutions, and therefore spread your expenses over the year more easily.

 Choose effective and maintenance formulas

Complete maintenance of an establishment open to the public requires the use of a number of professional cleaning products. For this reason, we advise the use of specific products to remain compliant with the law and maintain consumer requirements.

 Opt for effective solutions that respect all safe surfaces by restoring their original shine.

 For example, the enzymatic range guarantees you an establishment like new every time you use it! 

 In order not to add expenses to your establishment, it is important to choose the right formulas the first time that will respect the different surfaces present in your Hotel but which will also be non-toxic for the health of your customers and employees.

 SCS Group and the hotel industry

We understand that hotels must always maintain an irreproachable level of cleanliness at the risk of seeing their attendance decrease and assuming the cost of a fine.

 The maintenance of your spaces is therefore a fundamental element of the quality image of your establishment.

We understood this well. Therefore, we have developed a range dedicated to the CHR sector which meets the health and safety requirements established by the government. 

 Composed of enzymes , natural proteins, our solutions offer 100% ecological cleaning . 

Thanks to their ecological formulas, cleaning solutions are non-toxic to the health of your employees and your customers. 

 Respectful of the environment, our maintenance formulas are not harmful to fauna and flora. Without forgetting their eco-responsible side, our professional cleaning solutions are ultra-concentrated, which gives you the possibility of adapting your formula to the targeted stain while saving you money.

 By choosing our CHR range, you opt for:

  • Effective and accessible maintenance and professional cleaning solutions for all professionals
  • Economical professional cleaning formulas
  • Ecological cleaning products, safe for human health and the environment

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