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Health and Medical

Yoga to get rid of Respiratory Disease

Due to the increasing pollution in cities along with stress and irregular routine, the problem of breathing is increasing day by day. Increasing pollution has taken away clean air, water, and light from us, which are increasing the problem of breathing. Respiratory allergies i.e asthma is also a result of this polluted environment. Due to this, not only adults but also children have become vulnerable to respiratory diseases. Yoga not only keeps you healthy but also removes respiratory diseases. Know in detail in this article which asanas of yoga will give you relief from respiratory diseases.

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Why does respiratory disease happen?

Respiratory diseases are caused by the build-up of allergens and toxins in the blood. Whatever we inhale through the nose, throat, pharynx and windpipe reaches the lungs through the trachea and when we exhale, in the same way the air leaves the body. This free inhalation and exhalation of breath is the basis of our respiration.

When allergenic particles enter the respiratory tract, our respiratory system tries to stop them in the middle to protect the lungs, this causes difficulty in breathing. Allergens that have already entered the system cause mucus and cough and swelling of the throat leading to obstruction of the airways and difficulty in breathing. This is where respiratory diseases start.


1. Sarvangasana

It is called yoga of all limbs. This exercise, done lying on the back, cures respiratory diseases. To do this, lie down on your back, join the legs, keep the hands on either side and keep the palms towards the ground. While inhaling, with the help of hands, slowly raise the legs up to 30 degrees, then 60 degrees and finally 90 degrees. If you are not able to lift the feet up to 90 degrees, then move your feet at 120 degrees and raise your hands and put them behind your waist.

Mountain pose

2. Mountain pose

This asana also cures respiratory diseases. To do this, stand straight, then bend forward and place both palms on the ground. Keep a gap of about 4 to 5 feet between hands and feet. Raise the hips up to the maximum. Keep the weight of the whole body on the palms and toes. Try that the heels touch the ground. Stay in this position for a comfortable period and come back to the earlier position.


3. Chakrasana

This asana of yoga is said to keep a youthful posture. It also cures respiratory diseases. To do this, lie down in the savasana, then bend the knees, fix the soles well and apply the ankles to the buttocks. Keeping the elbows bent, place the palms of the hands behind the shoulders at a slight gap, in this position the elbows and knees remain upwards. By filling the breath, lift the waist-abdomen and chest on the strength of the soles and palms and move the head towards the waist and then come to the normal position.


4. Bhujangasana

To do this asana, lie flat on your stomach, place both your hands under your forehead and keep your feet together. Now lift the forehead towards the front and keep both the arms parallel to the shoulders so that the weight of the body falls on the arms, now lift the forearm of the body with the help of the arms, take a long breath during this, stay in this position for a few seconds, then back to the stomach. Lie down force

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