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Computers and Technology

Why Should Startups Invest In Kids’ Educational Apps In 2022?

Startups Invest In Kids’ Educational Apps In 2022?

With digitalization, the education industry is rapidly growing and coming with innovations. By 2028, the eLearning market is expected to reach $315 billion, with a 20% CAGR between 2022 and 2028, according to Global Market Insights. 

The global pandemic gave fuel to the popularity of eLearning applications. The accelerated use of educational software allowed teachers to connect with their students and monitor their learning progress even in lockdown. With passing time, this industry is facing and resolving its difficulties using technology as a base. 

As a result, many businesses are interested in this sector. Read on to find out whether or not investing in educational apps is a good idea.

Advantages of Investing in Educational Apps

  • Educational App Market is Flourishing

What can be better than selecting a niche from a trending market if you are a startup looking to invest in the app development market? As the education app market is gaining more popularity and generating revenue, educational apps might be the right choice. 

Therefore, it would be the right choice to hire an app development company and start developing an eLearning app. 

  • Great Way to Generate Incomes

As the education industry is getting popular, competition in this sector is also increasing. However, this app still has several prospective users as many teachers and instructors look for affordable platforms to update their courses. 

Also, students look for educational apps where they can find courses by experts. Hence, online education has become the new norm. 

Therefore, many businesses see eLearning platforms as an excellent opportunity to generate income. 

  • Cost-Effective Development

If you want to invest in building an education app, then the cost associated with its development must be your concern. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry much about the cost of developing an eLearning app because this app niche comes under cost-effective business ideas. 

However, app development cost depends on various parameters you must consider before investing in educational apps. To know these parameters, read our blog, How to Create an eLearning App like Byju’s, where you will know the must-have feature of eLearning apps and the cost of developing them. 

  • Diversified Niche

Educational apps transform the traditional classroom system into fun and interactive learning. If you invest in these apps, you can play with different niches like Dictionary app, eBook apps, education games app, private tuition app, task manager, live streaming courses app, self-paced course app, assessment app, etc.

Therefore, educational apps are perfect if you want to invest in an app with endless opportunities.

  • Marketing Your Brand

Being a startup, you must look for areas to invest in that can help you generate revenue and gain potential customers for your brand. Therefore, educational apps are perfect for this opportunity as you can find users with different demographics from around the world on these apps.


We hope this blog helps you understand the benefits you can derive if you decide to invest in educational apps. The next step after deciding to invest in eLearning app development should be hiring a company offering edTech app development services

If you choose educational apps to expand your business, you can make learners’ and instructors’ lives more manageable with your technological solutions

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