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Why outsource your school cleaning?

Indeed, diseases and health problems are widespread in schools and can become very problematic when they spread rapidly. It is therefore essential to call on companies specializing in professional cleaning, in order to regularly carry out cleaning and disinfection services allowing students to evolve in a healthy environment.

Female teacher disinfecting tables before the children arrive in the classroom. school cleaning stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Depending on the specificities of each establishment, the schedules of services must be adapted to the reality of the institution. Furthermore, it is important that the maintenance of the various premises of the school is carried out regularly, using appropriate equipment and with the greatest possible attention and thoroughness.

 In this article, SCS Group Cleaning Solution presents the specifics of school cleaning and explains the importance of outsourcing these services to companies specializing in professional cleaning.

 Why is professional school cleaning so important?

The cleaning of educational establishments is essential, because schools are home to a large number of people on a daily basis, especially young children who carry out the same activities at the same time. That said, the health risks within schools are very significant.

In addition to the responsibility for education, the management of educational establishments are called upon to guarantee a healthy environment, making it possible to preserve the health and safety of pupils and educational staff.

Given the fragility of young children’s immune systems, cleaning school premises is a real challenge for school administrations.

Beyond daily cleaning, it is essential to carry out regular deep cleaning during school holidays, for example, hence the need to use the services of a specialized cleaning company , capable of carrying out preventive maintenance or curative. This will therefore clean and disinfect all the premises of the establishment with the main objective of ensuring a high level of hygiene and health safety.

 What is professional school cleaning?

The professional cleaning of schools, carried out by specialized cleaning companies , includes several services as follows:

 Maintenance of school equipment

Time and repetition wear out school materials and equipment every day.

In this case, maintenance consists of cleaning and disinfecting the various school equipment, in order to extend their lifespan.

Thus, all of the didactic material such as chairs, table-benches, class blackboards, etc., must be cleaned and maintained in a preventive and curative manner, such as, for example, the removal of the marks left by the pupils (chalk , markers, ballpoint pens, etc.) on the tables.

 Cleaning common areas of the school

This is the cleaning of all the premises of the school establishment which favor a great promiscuity, such as: the library, the classrooms, the sports halls, the spaces dedicated to the teachers, the laboratories, the ways of circulation such as stairs, corridors, forecourt, courtyard, etc.

The cleaning of these common areas consists of maintaining and disinfecting them regularly, using the appropriate techniques, products and methods, while taking into consideration the establishment’s schedules and activities.

 Window cleaning

Cleaning the windows prevents the accumulation of dust. Thus, the light penetrates correctly inside the premises, which improves the quality of life of the students and the teaching staff.

 Office cleaning

This involves carrying out comprehensive maintenance of administrative offices and classrooms to ensure the health and well-being of students and faculty members.

 Floor cleaning and maintenance

This professional cleaning service includes sweeping, waste collection, maintenance and disinfection of floors in all interior and exterior spaces of the school, such as playgrounds, for example.

In addition, it is part of the consideration that the specific treatment of each type of floor ( Parquet , tiles, carpet , etc.), in order to extend its life.

 Cleaning and disinfection of toilets

The consideration that sanitary facilities are to be the main culprits in the spread of gastroenteritis. Ensuring good hygiene in the toilets is therefore essential to guarantee a healthy environment for the students. 

Therefore, it is necessary to insist on areas where children put their hands, such as toilet flushes, taps, sinks, etc.

 Cleaning of canteens and kitchens

School canteens and kitchens are breeding grounds for bacteria associated with handling food.

In order to ensure hygiene in accordance with health standards and to guarantee a healthy environment for children, it is strongly recommended to use a specialized cleaning company which will be able to deploy the techniques and methods of deep cleaning of kitchens.

 What additional measures do we need in times of COVID 19?

Viral particles from Covid-19 spread through airborne droplets when people talk, sneeze, and cough. Covid-19  can transfer through the hands by bringing them to the mouth, nose and eyes after touching a surface with possible contamination.

Indeed, collective places such as schools are crossroads where individuals meet, and can bring the virus with them. Thus, conventional cleaning is insufficient to eradicate the disease. It is therefore important to resort to the disinfection of schools in order to eliminate infectious germs.

 This type of exceptional situation and the limitation of the spread of the virus is, above all, the responsibility of everyone. People must ensure that they have good personal hygiene and respect, on an individual basis, the various preventive measures such as barrier gestures, social distancing, wearing a mask, washing hands, etc.

 In addition, each school must put in place a reinforced cleaning protocol which includes:

 Disinfection of contact points

This involves minimizing the risk of contamination by ensuring the disinfection of the most affected areas where the virus is most concentrated, such as stair railings, handles , switches, toilets, canteen, etc. .

 Total disinfection of school premises

All school disinfect premises, furniture and equipment . We recommend to spray a virucidal product in aerosol in order to cover large surfaces, while guaranteeing a rapid intervention.

 The use of specialized products

In order to ensure the cleanliness of surfaces and make them healthy and hygienic, it is essential to use disinfectant and virucidal products that destroy covid-19 and other pathogenic germs.

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