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Why choose us as your Email Database Provider

You want to run an email marketing campaign but don’t know where to start? You need a provider that knows your needs and will help you from the beginning to the end of your campaign. With us, you can be sure that we provide you with everything you need from beginning to end and our high quality data will only allow you more sales and ROI with every new customer you contact. Here are some of the reasons why we are your best choice when it comes to email database providers in India.

The Different Types of Email Databases

Email marketing databases are often classified into different types, based on various factors such as whether they contain individual email addresses or group email addresses, what type of information is included in them and how frequently they’re updated. Knowing these kinds of classifications will help you identify which database suits your business best. Here are four major types of email databases that can be used for creating effective email marketing campaigns: 1) Individual Email Addresses These are files containing a list of valid email addresses that belong to either businesses or consumers.

Why Choose Us?

Email database provider, Email Marketing Campaign. All Indian Email Database Provider. Email Marketing Database. All India Databases. Email Marketing Solutions Provider. Types of Email Databases. Why Choose Us? Our data accuracy is 100% guaranteed for email marketing campaigns and email list building services. Cheapest price ever available in market for Email Marketing Services from any Email Database Provider Company in India. Weekly update on all email databases at lowest prices ever with 99% accuracy, which means highest ROI from your email marketing campaign investment!

Our Data Accuracy

When it comes to email database provider, accuracy of data is an important factor. Moreover, our various formats like emails and phone numbers ensures hassle free experience to our customer. Our email marketing solutions are also reliable and trustworthy. We follow a strict guideline before providing any information to you. This means you will get only verified details from us. Our Email Marketing Solutions: After all, why would anyone need a database if there is no use of it? Hence, we provide you email marketing solutions along with email database. With our email marketing solutions, you can start your campaign immediately after buying from us!

Cheapest Price Ever

We are here to provide you with our most basic Email Marketing Solutions. Our email marketing campaigns give you advanced tools at a cheap price. Data Accuracy: We have some of the most accurate and updated contact information available in India, which ensures that there is little or no duplication in our data set. Our database provides contact details including email ids, residential and corporate addresses, phone numbers etc.

Weekly Update

We ensure that all our databases are latest and genuine. You can find out from other Email Database Providers like Infogrid, Clickon IT that they have been providing duplicate information along with wrong contact information which actually proves harmful to marketers who use it.

Browse by Categories

Browse our email databases by categories. You can use these categories to find exactly what you’re looking for. Our database is constantly updated with new information, meaning we have over 1 billion records ready to fill your business marketing campaign with all sorts of potential customers. Don’t waste any more time: start targeting customers today!

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