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Why Are Handmade Soaps Better Than Market Soaps?

If you want to get rid of dry and allergic skin, then add handmade soaps that are natural, vegan, and organic. Moisturizing properties in handmade soap gently heal your hands that are cracked from washing dishes and clothes. Let’s explore some beautiful benefits of using natural handmade soap that are better than market soaps. Let’s start it.

Composition Of Natural Handmade Soaps

Handmade soaps made from natural ingredients will not harm your delicate skin. It consists of coconut oil, olive oil, sodium hydroxide, distilled water, essential oils, tea tree oil, avocado oil, and petals of flowers and herbs. Your hands become delicate due to excessive use of washing utensils and clothes because chemicals and harmful detergents in the surf can damage your skin. Reducing and breaking the moisture barrier by using harmful chemicals can crack your skin resulting in severe infections and breakouts.

Add handmade soaps like Lucia Soap to your hand care routine to deeply nourish and hydrate it. Tea tree oil is also best for the skin as it is anti-bacterial and fights against bacteria and fungi. It also fights acne and small zits that feels so unpleasant on our skin, so make sure not to forget tea tree oil while making these soaps.

Treats All Your Skin Problems

Making soap in kitchens is more accessible and compatible than spending a lot of money on buying inorganic soaps. A building block in making handmade soap is sodium hydroxide, also known as lye. Sodium hydroxide is a base that reacts with water to form foam and removes grease and oil. This base is not harmful to your skin but profoundly moisturizes it.

The next ingredient is coconut oil that hydrates your skin, making it soft and suppler, so don’t forget to add this aroma to this soap. If you have olive oil in your kitchen, then it will become more nourishing and natural. Olive oil is used to remove sunscreen and makeup from your face after having a tiring schedule.

If you are suffering from sun tanning that can damage your skin and result in skin cancer, then add this oil that fights all tan and leaves a natural glow on your hands. The next ingredient is distilled water, which is also essential in making this soap. The scent of these soaps lingers on your skin, leaving it soft and wrinkle-free. If hyperpigmentation occurs on your skin, add 20 to 40 drops of essential oil to your handmade soap. Essential oil removes skin texture and reduces aging from your skin. So, don’t forget to add these magical drops to your handmade soap.

If you are fond of flowers, you can add beautiful and charming petals to this soap. Soap will become more colorful and fuller of fragrance due to the addition of petals of flowers. You can also add colorants, but it is entirely optional.

Benefits Of Using Natural Handmade Soaps

There are a lot of excellent benefits of using these handmade soaps that soothe and moisturize your skin. You should not worry about ingredients if you are suffering from skin diseases like eczema. Natural ingredients and oils like tea tree oil treats eczema and make your skin less sensitive. Tea tree oil is my favorite ingredient because it removes excessive oil from your skin.

Sometimes, your skin becomes over-exfoliated by having a manicure. The soothing properties of coconut oil gently heal your skin, which is the best base for exfoliants. Coconut oil is the best antioxidant and reduces wrinkles on your skin. As olive oil also oxidizes your skin, making it glossier and beautiful. We all ignore these traditional ingredients in our daily life, but the magic behind this traditional stuff is impressive and effective; that solve all your skin problems. Essential oils like lemon and orange can help reduce dark spots on your skin, making it unblemished. Avocado oil is full of vegan composition that beautifies your skin, leaving it spotlessly.


After reading about the benefits of using handmade soaps like Lucia Soap, leave your exhausting phone, grab ingredients, and start making handmade soaps. If you have oily, dry, sensitive, combination, and even diseases like eczema, handmade soaps are good. Add this handmade soap to your hand care routine before your skin breaks.

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