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What’s The Difference Between Shopify & Shopify Plus?

Shopify is the best ecommerce platform that is popularly known to help businesses and individuals launch an online store. Once the ecommerce store starts to grow, you need more resources & tools than what basic Shopify plans provide.

And that’s where Shopify Plus comes. It’s a top-tier platform that comes with features and tools. As well as a customizable experience by integrations. Despite all the benefits and similarities, here in the article let’s look at this e differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus. So that you can understand what is better for your business. 

What are Shopify and Shopify Plus? 

Shopify is an e-commerce solution that lets entrepreneurs, small businesses, and mid-business. and large businesses create stores online. So, they can start with selling products to make money. Whereas, Shopify Plus, offers an Enterprise-grade edition to your Shopify‘s business functionality. 

1. Shopify vs Shopify Plus – Work 

Let’s begin evaluating Shopify and Shopify plus differences with the most essential thing that is work.

You will utilize the same editors,  dashboard, and support center for details. Shopify’s dashboard works as the central hub to control the online store.

And also Shopify offers everything you require to customize an online store. However,  Shopify Plus works further. 

For instance, In terms of shipping with Shopify you could receive flat rates,  free shipping, live calculated rates, etc. With Shopify Plus, you could get a shipping script for configuring precise rates. That makes businesses change their shipping options depending on cart content,  customer tags, and minimum order value.    

Who wins?

Shopify Plus offers great control, in customization and setup. 

2. Shopify vs Shopify plus – Help and Support

Your business shouldn’t stop with any issues. That is why Shopify offers 24/7 support through live chat and phone email. You could search through manuals in the Help Centre.

Similar to Shopify,  Shopify Plus offers the same support & help. Shopify’s help center is the first place to check out for any problems that you have. 

But, what Shopify plus offers is personal & dedicated support. This is unnecessary for many businesses, but it is quite helpful for big companies. 

You will be assigned a launch manager that helps with the running of your business. They help with many things such as integrating the existing website with Shopify. You could even get an MSM, that helps businesses to be successful. They offer everything from recommendations for using Shopify Plus to be updated with  the strategic coaching & industry trends

Who wins?

Shopify Plus again beats Shopify with the personalized hands-on support. And Shopify offers you  24/7 support. Shopify Plus features tops such as a dedicated launch manager to set up accounts easily. Where a merchant support manager runs the website in the direction of success. Shopify Plus offers the best support, but even Shopify’s cheapest plan provides 24/7 superior customer care!

3. Shopify vs Shopify Plus – Pricing and Transaction Fees

Shopify features three pricing plans that include:

  •  Basic Shopify -$29/month)
  •  Shopify ($79/month)
  •  Advanced Shopify ($299/month)

Each of the three plans offers features such as an abandoned cart and multi-channel integration with few differences. If selling and creating gift cards is vital to you, then you must look at Shopify or Shopify Advanced plan. Advanced Shopify offers more insight from which you can get their party calculated shipping rates & professional reports. Looking to scale up fast, then two key features can support you.

Shopify has 3 price plans that range from $29 to $299/month. For every small business owner who thinks to try out Shopify first before diving into the climax, Shopify provides the best possibility to help you. Shopify offers a 14-day free trial. Shopify Plus price is less visible. To receive a quote, just contact Shopify Plus. From where you could talk about the business model, turnover, and the nerds of marketing over a reasonable price.

If the monthly sales are within $0 and $800,000, then Shopify Plus plans are likely to be $2,000 per month. And anything more than that can vary up to Shopify Plus’ top rates of $40,000.   

Both Shopify & Shopify Plus fees work similarly. With Shopify, there is a restricted price per transaction. And coming to Shopify Plus, they are negotiable. One of the best features is that Shopify & Shopify Plus is 3D Secure. This saves owners from crime while credit card transactions. Shopify’s transaction prices can be changed based on the plan that you signed up to.

Who wins?

Shopify Plus’ price is costly &  less visible than Shopify’s plans. You should get a quote for Shopify Plus. That means you can tailor this as per your business. In terms of Shopify’s price, anyone can see the plans and it offers a 14-day free trial too. 

4. Shopify vs. Shopify Plus – Features 

Let’s see what is different in the features: 

  •  Shopify Themes

Shopify’s plans provide custom themes yet are restricted to the preexisting themes. Shopify Plus provides personalized Liquid with, a certain theme language. 

  • Launch Engineer

Every Shopify plan features the best support, Shopify Plus offers dedicated help with the Launch Engineer. That boosts support throughout setup and migration.

  •  Staff Accounts

 Shopify plans provide certain staff accounts, but you need more teams. That’s where Shopify Plus cokes, as it offers endless staff accounts and authority to access specific features for particular team members.

  • API Integrations

APIs access integrations with third-party apps. Shopify Plus offers more with API integrations of login, payments, and administrative capacities. Users can manage crew accounts and can build their own.

  •  Checkout Customization

 Shopify Plus access control every check-out aspect. Checkout personalization integrates with the Script Editor, which customizes checkout elements such as shipping or payments. 

  • In-Depth Analytics

 Shopify and Shopify Plus provide an analytics dashboard with data regarding sales, products,  landing pages, return customers, etc. Shopify Plus offers detailed analytics for deeper insights into trends. 

  • Systems  & App Integrations

Numerous apps could connect with the Shopify store.  But huge businesses need more integration than Shopify Plus delivers. Here are a few integrations:

  • Customer relationship & warehouse management
  • Global fulfillment partner
  • Product information management
  • Enterprise resource planning 

Shopify Plus improves third-party apps of the Shopify, like:

  • Shopify Flow
  • Wholesale channel 
  • Script Editor 
  • Launchpad 
  • Bulk Account Invite 

Who wins? 

Shopify has a wide range of tools & features, and most of them are in  Shopify Plus too. Still, Shopify doesn’t have sophisticated tools like Shopify Plus. Check out here All Mailchimp Pricing Plans 2022 with Salient Features

Which Is The Best Shopify Plan Best for You?

Merchants have a range of options to choose the best Shopify experience according to their needs.  The normal Shopify plan offers you wide access to many features such as store management and payment gateway options, but there are functionalities accessible if you are thinking of paying more. A Basic Shopify plan can be suitable if you are setting up a business for the first time. If you are an established business, then Shopify Plus can be a better option. 

Need expert help in choosing between both? Then choose an expertise Shopify agency such as NOIR & BLANCO. Shopify Experts at NOIR & BLANCO support many entrepreneurs and manufacturers to sell on Shopify with the experienced help to run the businesses. Being the best Shopify agency, we offer Shopify services or help in migrating from any other to Shopify. Contact us today.  

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