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What women should wear during Hajj

Since Hajj is the most important journey for every Muslim, you may forget some relevant things while planning your journey. As devotees, you will be anxious to go to Allah and pray there during Hajj. Chances are you will be too busy to choose the best Hajj packages for you but forget to read about very important details like the dress. Therefore, to solve all the problems related to your clothes, read it carefully “What women should wear during Hajj?

Women are not allowed to cover their faces and hands during Hajj as it is forbidden for men to cover their heads. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) clearly said, A woman wearing an ihram should not cover her face or wear gloves.

The colour of clothing that a woman can wear in ihram

Women can wear any dress of their choice but it should not be more glamorous or similar to men’s clothing. Their clothes should cover their hands and feet completely and should not be too short. Women cannot wear skin-hugging (tight) clothes that reflect the size of their limbs. She can’t wear transparent clothes that show her body.

Women do not need to wear any special colours. They can choose any colour of their choice that is specific to women such as red, green or black. Women are allowed to change these colours if they want.

Wearing Jewellery in the state of Ihram

Women are allowed to wear jewellery while in ihraam. But jewellery that reflects your royal life is forbidden. According to Bukhari, Umm Al-Muminin Ayesha did not consider it wrong to wear Muhrimah (a female in Ihram) jewellery.

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Dos and Don’ts

Some other important details and factors must be kept in mind while choosing ihram as appropriate clothing for Hajj and Umrah. These tips will help you choose the right outfit for you.

Multiple sets of Ihram

You may have to enter ihram several times during the Hajj journey. Therefore, before starting the journey, make sure that you have arranged at least three to four sets for ihram. Since white is a very light colour, your white ihram can expose your body during daylight. Therefore, women should choose a thick fabric. Choosing a thicker fabric can effectively cover your body. At the same time, choose clothes that do not make it difficult for you to breathe.

Choose a mixed fabric

Saudi Arabia is one of the hottest countries in the world and the presence of millions of pilgrims will only make this day more unbearable. Therefore, women should choose clothes made of mixed fabric for ihram. If you choose pure fabric for clothing, it could potentially cause you to suffocate in the sun.

Avoid black clothing

Because the colour black absorbs heat well, wearing such a colour can make you feel warmer. Don’t be upset and make sure you have dressed appropriately.

Loose clothing with full sleeves, white undergarments and white socks would be the best choice. You need to choose a long, white hijab that will cover you completely.

Plain and cotton clothes

Don’t waste your precious time looking for the right set of clothes in a foreign land. We are giving you the best tip so that you can save time and get the pleasure of Allah (SWT) only. Choose cotton mixed fabrics to wear as ihram as the small holes in the clothes will help you to breathe properly.

Since you are covering yourself from head to toe, thick clothes will make you feel breathless. The waist-length hijab will work best for you in almost all situations. Don’t forget to cover your head with a white scarf so that you don’t get confused by your hair.

Right Footwear

Choosing the right shoes for Hajj is just as important as the dress. According to the religious view, covering the feet is also a part of the hijab. Therefore, a woman cannot wear flip flops unless her feet are covered with socks. You can also wear sneakers and walking shoes. But sometimes you may have the problem of untying the lace.

Carry less number of items

You should know that you will have to travel a long distance during Hajj as compared to Umrah, so only the load of essentials will be the best. Don’t make unnecessary items a part of your journey. Remember that pilgrims are not allowed to carry bags inside the Masjid al-Haram. Therefore, small bags will be arranged and they are allowed to be taken to the mosque premises.

Remember, if you wear your bag over the hijab, the straps of the bag can show the bulge of your chest. So use a scarf so that your chest is not exposed clear and it is better to wear the bag under your hijab. Women can also wear their bags in front instead of back if they wish.

Hopefully, all of these tips will save you time and energy in a new place. If you have some time, expand your scope of research on other important garments which are forbidden to wear during Hajj. Try to talk to your friends and family who have had some experience in the past.

Courtesy by: Labbaik Hajj Umrah

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