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What to Do If you Like Press On Nails Short

Press-on nails are a terrific method to give your manicure length and shape, but if they are excessively long, they may become annoying. You can hunt for a press on nails short set to save some time and money, but if you only have a small amount of time, you can also cut your own press on nails. Just make sure to go by a few simple rules to prevent breaking or harming the artificial nails.

Part 1: Trimming the Nails

  • Choose the length you want for your nails. Consider how much you would like to lose before you begin to cut. You can merely file it off instead of utilizing a nail cutter if you do not want to drastically shorten the length. If you are unsure about just how short you desire to go for, then start by making a little cut. Later, you can always file or shorten your nails further. Start filing the nail from the sides toward the middle if you’d prefer to use a file. Use a coarse (about 100 grit) or a moderate (180–220 grit) file and choose an emery board or metallic file to cut your nails more swiftly because acrylics are fairly resistant.
  • Place the cutters on the nail’s edge and cut toward the center. Make a tiny cut toward the center of your nail’s edge using the clipper’s edge. In order to create a little point at the center of the nail, try to incline the clippers diagonally upward.
  • Avoid using scissors, which can cause the press on the nail to break by applying uneven pressure to various regions of your nail. Instead, use toenail clippers, which are often bigger and offer more leverage, if your standard nail clipper is not powerful enough to cut through the thicker press on beylikdüzü escort nails.
  • On the opposite side, cut the press on the nail in the middle. Mirror the cut with the clippers on the opposite side of the fingernail, meeting at a position in the middle of the nail. Your press on nails will not break or chip as a result of this two-step procedure. The nail’s center is a point of stress that, if cut immediately, might cause the entire piece to fracture. By approaching it from two sides, you reduce the likelihood that the nail will be ruined.

Part 2: Fixing your Press on Nails

  • Use a motorized nail file or nail file to thin out your nails. Your artificial nails will probably be thicker after you cut them. If you have a motorized nail grinder, you can smooth them out with it; otherwise, you can get the same results by using a conventional nail file. Instead of filing below the acrylic nail, thin it by using a grinder on top of it.
  • File rough edges using a nail file. Start filing the nail from the sides toward the middle, just like you did using the nail clippers. Move swiftly initially since press on nails are fairly durable. However, when you concentrate on shape, you will need to take it slower. It will take longer to file down and press on nails short because they are a bit thicker than natural nails. You run the danger of getting outcomes that are uneven or too brief if you rush. Instead of using a glass option, choose an emery sheet or a metal file.
  • Cut the press on nail tips into the desired form. To shape the tips of your press on nails into the appropriate form, shift to a moderate (180-220 grit) or a fine (400-600 grit) file. The three most popular nail designs that may be done on press on nails short are oval, square and squeal (a combination of square and oval), but you can also attempt a traditional round design. Examine the contour of your cuticles to choose which nail shape will suit you the most. The best bet is a round nail if they seem round or curved. whereas, the shape of a square would undoubtedly look beautiful if they are more angular.

Part 3: Final Details

  • To get press on nail dust off of your hands, rinse and dry them. Your fingertips may become covered in fine dust after filing down press on nails short.
  • Then, apply an even layer of top coat across, press on nails short and along the outer edge to seal and add strength to your nails. Additionally, this will assist in erasing minor flaws brought on by shaping or cutting.
  • And you are done! After following all these steps, you can go on to enjoy your press on nails short, without spending money on a new set and making your press on nails short at home instead!


The trend of long nails is an ongoing one on the internet. But if you are someone who prefers having short nails, then you can either buy a set of press on nails short from the market or trim your long press on nails by using the method above!

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