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Computers and Technology

what should you choose to become a cloud Architect Aws or Azure?

what should you choose to become a cloud Architect Aws or Azure? 

IT professionals constantly seek better job satisfaction, and better projects for salary hikes in their careers. Authentic IT Certifications in specific domains always help them achieve these and reach new heights in the domain of Cloud Computing. Due to numerous certification providers, one might get confused in selecting  AWS and Azure certifications since both are lead cloud service providers in the market currently. In this blog, we will discuss and compare both AWS vs Azure certification, their benefits, and the salary hikes one can achieve

 In this blog, we are going to discuss AWS vs Azure from the point of view of certification holders. We will discuss all necessary aspects that will give you clarity regarding AWS and Azure certifications. Take a look at the different topics that are covered in this blog:

  • AWS vs Azure
  • Importance of cloud Certifications
  • AWS Certifications
  • Azure Certifications
  • AWS vs Azure  Comparison
  • Which one to choose

AWS vs Azure: An Overview

According to the latest reports around the world, Around 80 per cent of the enterprises are running on AWS. Azure holds the second position with 67 per cent of usage, and Google Cloud constitutes the third position with 40 per cent. Cloud-certified IT professionals in India are promoted faster than non-certified ones.

Ipsr solutions the leading Red Hat Training & Certification partner is providing AWS online training course and Microsoft Microsoft azure professional certification.

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Importance of Certifications

The arrival of cloud technology has turned into a blessing for developers as they constantly search for better job opportunities and projects. As more professionals entered the field, companies started seeking certified ones. As per the latest report, 93 per cent of employers accept that cloud certified professionals add more value to their organizations. Certifications validate experience and knowledge in your area of expertise.

Now you are aware of the importance of certifications in getting better opportunities, you may be thinking about which one to go for among the top two industry leaders AWS and Azure.

To get an answer to this question, in this AWS vs Azure blog, we will first discuss AWS certifications and their benefits, and then move on with the details of Azure certifications.

Difference between AWS and Azure

Before we discuss the details of AWS and Azure certifications and other complexities involved in the two technologies, let us take a look, in brief, at the difference between AWS and Azure. Below is a comparison between the two cloud technologies: 

Parameters AWS Azure
Type of Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Virtual Network
Connection Type Direct Connect ExpressRoute
Storage Services S3, Buckets, EBS, SDB, Domains, CloudFront, AWS Import or Export, etc. Blob, Containers, Azure Drive, Table Storage.
Database services MySQL, DynamoDB, and Oracle MS SQL and SQL Sync
Deployment Services Amazon Web Services, Amazon Machine Instance (AMI,) Traditional Deployment Models, Elastic Beanstalk, etc. GitHub, BitBucket, or Azure Repos. 

AWS Certifications

They launched its global certification program in 2013. AWS offers 12 certifications in 4 different categories: cloud Foundational, cloud Associate, cloud Professional, and cloud Specialty.

Benefits of AWS Certifications

  • Salary hike: The average annual salary received by an AWS Solutions Architect Associate in India is around ₹12 lacs per annum. And it can go above ₹25 LPA  for the experience. With years of experience in Cloud Computing, these numbers can go even higher.
  • Validation: AWS certifications are the top trusted certificates among employers around the world.  AWS certifications validate their experience and expertise in the domain. Thus, the certified AWS professionals can get better opportunities in the IT organizations 
  • Badge: Once you are AWS certified, you will receive a badge that can be used to  attend the AWS summit events that can be used on platforms like LinkedIn.

Microsoft Azure certifications are also becoming beneficial with time. Let’s discuss the benefits of the Azure Certifications

Benefits of Microsoft Azure certifications

  • Salary hike: Experienced Azure Certified Solutions Architect earns around ₹20 LPA in India. In the United States, a Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals IT professional earns around US$126K per annum on average.
  • Validation: Proven expertise and experience in Microsoft azure will give you access to more and more opportunities in organizations that are running on Azure and its features. certified professionals will be more prioritized when it comes to hiring as they are expected to have both expertise and deep knowledge.
  • .NET platform: The .NET platform is an open-source framework from Microsoft that includes tools, libraries, and programming languages for development. So, you will also be able to learn how to integrate .NET with a company’s infrastructure.

Top Azure Certifications

Top Azure certifications are listed among the top 15 highest-paying certificates. These are:

  • Microsoft certified Azure Fundamentals
  • Microsoft certified Azure Administrator Associate

Certifications: A Comparison

Let’s discuss about both certifications based on several factors.

  • Salary: When we discuss the salaries of AWS and Azure certified professionals,  there is a higher chance for AWS certified professionals to get paid more as compared to Azure certified professionals.
  • Scope: currently AWS is dominating the cloud market but Azure’s growth has been constantly increasing. So, the opportunities provided by both certifications can not differ much. 

AWS vs Azure?

Now the most crucial question arises, AWS or Azure which certification should I go for?

It’s difficult to find an exact answer to this question. The answer varies from person to person depending on factors such as your dream job, organizational requirements, desired income, and more.

If your dream job requires an AWS skillset and certification, then you should focus on AWS certifications.  organization you are working in is utilizing Azure and you want to upgrade your career by staying there then you should opt for Azure certifications.

If you want to earn a higher salary package in the IT industry, then it is preferred that you go for both certifications.

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