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What not to do to get success in the defence exams?

defence exams

Indian youth are developing a passion to join the defence forces to serve the nation. For this,  they prepare for the defence exams by adhering to a strict routine with complete dedication. You must be aware of the vastness of the syllabus and the toughness of the defence exams. Every year only a handful of lakhs of candidates appearing for the defence exams are able to crack them. If you want to be your name among the selected candidates then make an effective strategy to focus your energy on the defence exam preparations.

This article will help you know what things to avoid while making a perfect strategy to get excellent success in the defence exams. If you are preparing sincerely to crack the CDS exams then improve the quality of your preparations by seeking guidance from the perfect platform that offers the best CDS coaching.

Here, in the following points, we have mentioned the things that must be avoided while making a perfect strategy to crack the defence exams. 

  • Neglecting the syllabus

Are you planning to start your preparations by reading some important books? Well, this is not an appropriate way to start your preparations. Before starting to read any book, analyzing the syllabus correctly is mandatory to know what to study exactly. Basically, you have to keep the syllabus in your mind while reading any concept. Make sure that the concepts you are understanding are related to the syllabus.

  • Not organizing yourself

Unquestionably, organizing yourself will make you focus your entire energy on the preparations for the defence exams. For this, designing a strategy and adhering to it dedicatedly is a must. Also, note that an accurate strategy is based on true personal requirements and basic information relevant to the exams. Moreover, keep your environment neat, clean, and organized.

  • Not sparing time to collect the information

Many aspirants while paying their entire attention to the study don’t feel necessary to collect the information. The information relevant to the exams is very crucial to take precautions and guide yourself on the right path to success. Therefore, try to spare some time before starting your preparations to collect the right information. Also, make sure that the information is relevant and accurate.

  • Reading the random sources

Reading the random study sources is not bad if they are improving your knowledge of the concepts in the syllabus correctly. Many aspirants in the hope of attempting maximum questions start to gain vast knowledge by studying the random sources available on the internet. This should be done by taking precautions as these websites can have old or unreliable information. Thus, study the right study sources recommended by the experts and successful candidates.

  • Reading random newspaper

To perform well in the most scoring section i.e. general awareness, many aspirants read a random newspaper. Which must be avoided to taste success in the defence exams. Note that you have to read a prominent and recognized newspaper to gain knowledge of the important current affairs. Moreover, follow the accurate technique to read the newspaper. You don’t need to read the entire newspaper. Instead, read the articles that can be asked in the exams. You have to analyze the headlines to know if the concept can be asked in the exam or not.

  • Neglecting the communication skills

Please note that your ability to keep your thoughts exactly in front of the people without hurting them matters a lot. Because there will be an interview round to check your personality and ability to communicate well. Enhancing your vocabulary is important to understand the technical words spoken by the examiners. But you can speak in simple and correct English during the interview round. Also, keep your tone audible and speak with an attentive mind.

If you are seeking perfect guidance on joining the Indian Air Force then approach the best source that provides AFCAT coaching.


Many aspirants often overlook their health while giving their entire energy and focus to the preparations. Which actually refrains them from performing well in the preparations and exams as well. Thus, overlooking health must be avoided. Furthermore, you have to make efforts to improve the quality of your sleep to improve your focus. Oversleeping can’t help you improve your focus permanently. In fact, oversleeping is fatal to health.

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