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Kids and Teens

What Makes LEGO Friends So Special?

There’s something truly special about LEGO Friends. The theme first arrived on toy shop shelves in 2012. Since then, it’s become one of LEGO’s most popular collections. As it happens, this year is a landmark year for the toy maker. Not only is this popular theme celebrating its 10th year in shops, but LEGO is also celebrating 90 years of play. The company was founded in August 1932 and has produced thousands upon thousands of sets beloved by children worldwide. In fact, LEGO has made over 470 sets just for this collection alone. That’s a lot of fun! Here’s why this theme is so popular and why children can’t get enough of everything LEGO Friends has to offer.

LEGO Friends is Colourful and Vibrant

When you look at any LEGO Friends set, you notice one thing immediately: the colour. Every set in this collection is colourful and lively. The colour adds playfulness to every set. Children love to play with different colours and mix and match. This LEGO theme lets them do just that. You could say there’s something about bright, vivid colours that spark their imagination. Children can build new buildings and vehicles with colours they might not see in the real world. In the real world, most cars are black, white or silver. But in the world of LEGO, cars are red, yellow, green, teal and magenta. There’s no limit to what colours can appear in this theme. But you can be sure of one thing: they’ll be vibrant.

There’s Always Something New to Discover

After 10 years, the LEGO Friends theme has been a source of hundreds of sets. Every year, LEGO brings new sets to toy shop shelves. That means there’s always something new to discover. There are new characters, new houses, new schools and new shops to populate the fictional Heartlake City. This year, LEGO introduced children to the Roller Disco Arcade set. This vivid and dynamic set features purples and greens and many other colours. But it also includes mini arcade machines and a bowling alley that really works! Another new set includes Mia’s Wildlife Rescue which introduces children to LEGO’s first mini-scale giraffe. These LEGO sets work wonders to open up all kinds of play possibilities for your child.

LEGO Friends Give Children a Foundation of Play

The great thing about LEGO is that children can make anything they want. LEGO Friends introduces children to the world of Heartlake City and all kinds of scenarios. With Mia’s Wildlife Rescue, they can pretend to rescue the giraffe or the baby zebra. Or they can start their very own wildlife preserve. LEGO Friends gives children a starting point, but they can take it wherever they want. They can build or imagine new stories and characters. They can even create a mini version of themselves in this world. It’s a dream come true! Children don’t have to follow the rules on the box. They can use it as a starting point and create a foundation of play. Who knows where it can take them? One thing is for sure: it’s sure to be a journey they aren’t soon to forget.

About Hamleys®

Welcome to the Finest Toy Shop in the World! Hamleys® has become the premier toy shop in Britain, Europe and beyond ever since it was founded in 1760 by William Hamley. Today, families regularly visit their landmark shop on Regent Street in London. It’s not just a destination for toys—it’s a seven-floor “joy emporium.” At this world-renowned location, every Hamleys® location and their online shop, you’ll find toys of all kinds, for all ages and interests. Explore one toy collection, and you’ll find yourself immersed in the magical realm of Harry Potter toys. Discover another selection, and you’ll enter the universe of Star Wars toys. Of course, children are sure to love Hamleys® Barbie doll collections or unicorn toys as well. Hamleys® is an extraordinary place where imagination comes alive and children can truly be themselves.

Find all the latest LEGO Friends sets at https://www.hamleys.com/

Taryn Arbeiter

As a travel junkie and DIY enthusiast, I’ve been blogging about my favorite hobbies and products for nearly three years. I love the feeling of introducing someone to new brands and opportunities, whether it’s cute, fall fashion finds, or my favorite beauty, skincare, or health and wellness products. There’s something extraordinary about the discovery, so I love to share that whenever possible. Thanks for checking out my profile, and here’s to hoping my tips and tricks help you discover something you love too!

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