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What is Netgear Mesh WiFi Extender setup?

Netgear Mesh WiFi Extender is a new era and new generation because they create a mesh network around your house so that all of your devices can get connected automatically with the mesh network, no matter where you have kept them. MESH networking is unaware of another wifi network around your house. Even they are not able to find the other devices which are running on the same network.

To broadcast the wireless signals by your router, connect it to a range extender. A range extender can only create a single access point, whereas the Mesh networking extenders can create multiple access points for the client devices. These are some solid reasons why these mesh range extenders by Mywifiext.net are called the more powerful and unique extenders than the older ones.

Netgear wifi extender setup via the WPS feature

  1. The easiest way to set up and configure your Netgear range extender is to use the WPS button on the device.
  2. For this, locate the WPS button on the extender and the router.
  3. Press the button on the router first, then press the same WPS button on the Mywifiext range extender.
  4. And then, both the devices will start to synchronize with one another within a few minutes.
  5. You don’t need to worry about the rest of the setting and configuration as the WPS function will complete it automatically.
  6. Finishing the device needs some patience for a while. And then, you can see your Netgear range extender is running smoothly with the router’s wifi network over Mywifiext.net.

How do I change the password on my Netgear Mesh WiFi extender setup?

Change the WIFI Extender password if forgotten.

To change the WIFI password on your range extender, reset the range extender back to factory default settings. To make your range extender back to factory default settings, locate a reset button on your range extender and find a pointed object to press the button.

You need to hold on to the reset button on your extender for at least ten seconds and then leave it. After ten seconds, the range extender will start booting up. And after a few minutes, it will be back to its factory default settings or configuration. Now login first to your range extender using the default Netgear extender login credentials. Then enter into the administration panel of your router to customize the username and password of your extender.

Login back to your Netgear Mesh WiFi extender setup

  1. Connect through a WIFI to your range extender by selecting the available network name of your router from the list of all WIFI names.
  2. When you click on your desired Network name, you will connect to the internet.
  3. Now take the computer connected to the router’s server, and launch a web browser.
  4. Type in http://mywifiext.net and click login at the address bar of the web browser
  5. . If the web address is not working, try in place of the service web address.
  6. As getting the prompts to enter a username and password, enter the default login credentials at the needed spaces.
  7. The username is admin, and place it in the username field. Enter the password in the password field.
  8. Keep in mind that the username and password both are case-sensitive. Now a setup wizard will appear on your screen.
  9. Walkthrough the setup wizard to complete the setup process. You should prefer to have the same password as your router.

And now, reconnect your WIFI devices to your Netgear WIFI Extender setup page.

Netgear WIFI Extender password change without Reset

To modify the WIFI password of your range extender, you should access the web-based setup page first. Plug the extender into a power socket board and link it to a computer of your choice. Use only an Ethernet cable to connect both the devices with each other. It is more secure to access the web-based settings.

  1. In your computer device, launch a web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Into the Addy, type or http://mywifiext.net and click enter. It will take you to the extender login page.
  2. On the extender login page, type in the username and password in the login field. After that, hit login to access the web-based setup page of your range extender. Now go to the dashboard and select the management tab.
  3. Here you can replace or modify the WIFI password of your range extender. Remove the current password and type in the required password that you want.

If these are the default login credentials, you need to create a new WIFI password that would be difficult for the hackers to break and steal your data. After that, leave this window and log out. After a few minutes logins back to your range extender. Verify the settings have been applied.

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