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What is disinfection and how to comply with the rules in the offices

If until 2019 it was recommended to have offices disinfected, as well as perfectly clean, since the beginning of 2020 all activities to combat the spread of viruses have become mandatory.

Disinfection of office to prevent COVID-19; Man in a protective hazmat suit with spray chemicals to prevent the spread of coronavirus, pandemic in quarantine city. Cleaning concept.

During the Coronavirus, pandemic, we must have constant sanitation interventions, which before the pandemic were completely sporadic, and even the legislators have developed precise rules to follow to minimize the opportunities for contagion in the workplace.

It is right to emphasize once again the difference between disinfection and sanitation, and then see what the law says.

Difference between disinfection and sanitation

There is still a great deal of confusion between disinfection and sanitation, even though these terms have been on everyone’s lips for a long time now.

When you are about to look for a cleaning company to secure your office, you need to be clear about the differences between the two operations.

According to the website of the Department of Health, disinfection is an intervention with the help of disinfectant agents which aims to minimize the microbial load present on surfaces and objects.

On the sanitization, however, we read: ” it is a complex of procedures and operations of cleaning and/or disinfection and includes the maintenance of good air quality even at environments where the air is exchanged.”

Therefore, disinfection is at the center of sanitation, but it is not the only procedure to minimize the risk due to the presence of viruses.

Rules for the disinfection and sanitation of offices

On the website of the Department of Health, there is also a page dedicated to ” Covid-19 – Workers and companies ” which contains important and updated information useful for keeping offices safe.

Design for hygiene in the company, there is a list of rules that must follow starting with this point:

” The company performs daily cleaning and periodic sanitization of all premises, workspaces, common areas, and recreation areas.”

While the third point reads:

” cleaning all work equipment used in office or production is a must at the end of each shift. Periodically sanitized with detergents, both in the offices and in the production departments.”

We cannot rely only on deep cleaning or disinfection to have offices by the law, but we must plan ordinary and extraordinary sanitization, the latter in case we become aware of positive subjects for SARS-CoV-2.

Who has to deal with disinfection and sanitation?

It is necessary to turn to specialized companies to obtain professional sanitization services.  That includes cleaning, disinfection, and deep sanitation of every surface. The same applies to all objects for use by employees in offices or other workplaces.

SCS Group provides this type of service to companies in Australia and all the states including Melbourne. Putting at their disposal all our experience and the cutting-edge technologies we have at our disposal.

We have been active since the first moments of the pandemic. We continue to work to contribute to the safety of public and private places. 

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