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What is a pressure leaf filter, and how does it work

pressure leaf filter

Pressure leaf filter: In layman’s terms, the pressure leaf filter is a liquid filtration system. It can easily separate the solid from the liquid and mainly works on the principles of precoating and pressure.

How does it work?

The pressure leaf filter is ideal for separating solid from liquid and mainly works on the principle of precoating and pressure. Precoating is done by a suitable filter aid of about 0.5-1% (supercell Hyflo, Bleaching earth, super flow, and so on) mixed with the liquid to be decanted.

Unfiltered liquid is pumped into the vessel filter, and the filter starts creating a precoating layer in filter leaves on both sides. Until the filter is full, this procedure will continue. Once a precoating layer is done, the process of pressure starts and develops a restriction against impurities. And Clean liquid flows from the bottom of the leaf. Once the process is done and the leaves get choked perfectly, the pressure rises . And the output flow almost stops here. After this, the pump is completely stopped, and steam pressure is applied from the apex to filter. The material and squeeze the cake further to remove the liquid. Thus, all the leaves are mounted in the same manifold. And leaves start getting choked from both sides by impurities creating a cake that is in wet form.

The whole process of dry cake takes around 40-45minutes and the cake discharges within 5-10 minutes. It is dried by hot air and discharged from the bottom with the help of a pneumatic leaves vibrator.

Types of pressure leaf filters:

There are mainly two types of pressure leaf filters available in the market: a vertical pressure leaf filter and a horizontal pressure leaf filter.

Horizontal pressure leaf filter: Because of how simple it is to operate and clean.  The horizontal pressure leaf filters are often used. It is used for larger flows. Horizontal pressure leaf filters vary due to the installation and operation methods.

Horizontal pressure leaf filter systems come with the discharge of dry cake. And a pneumatic leaves vibrator discharges this by a butterfly valve installed at the bottom of the filter. So that cake can easily be discharged from the bottom.

The horizontal pressure leaf filter is used in many ways, such as filtration of cocoa, sugar, edible oils, molten sulfur, removal of activated carbon, and many more. However, the biggest reason behind the large use of horizontal pressure leaf filters is that it produces less product waste than vertical pressure leaf filters.

Discuss the most important uses of pressure leaf filters:

  • The pressure leaf filter is used in the edible oil industry to bleach, deodorize, winterize, Hydrogenated Fractionated oils, mineral oil, sulphur, and so on.
  •  Pressure leaf filter is also used in the beverage industry for glucose, cold drinks, fruit juice, vinegar, sugar, and so on.
  • The pressure leaf filter is also used in chemical industries for organic and inorganic salts, chemicals, dyes, plasticizers, etc.
  • The pressure leaf filter is used in the pharma industry for bulk drugs, intravenous solutions, antibiotics, syrup, etc.
  • Pressure leaf filter is also used in petrochemical industries for crude oil, sulfur, LPG, lubricating oil, etc.
  • The pressure leaf filter is also used in interesterification, essential oil distillation, herbal extraction plants, lube oil re-refining, Micronutrient Recovery, etc.

Conclusion: The pressure leaf filter is one of the most important filtration systems. That help separate the solid into liquid without taking much time. In the pharmaceutical, beverage, and petrochemical sectors, this technology is very beneficial to humans.

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