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What is a mobile tracker & how does it work?

Mobile Tracker

We have got the habit of tracking each activity because we are curious to know when will we receive it. For example, it can be your food order or even your cab ride. You might also want to share your location of yourself with your loved ones while you are traveling. Today, we have many options of sharing our location with our friends or colleagues. WhatsApp is one of the most convenient ways to contact them and also share our live location as well which is a specialty.

Have you wondered how all of this is possible? Technology can do wonders. Let us see how it is easy for you to track all of these services.

Mobile tracker

The mobile tracker can track all of the services. A mobile tracker is a simple application or service that will offer you real-time location updates if you have enabled it on your device and allow certain contacts on it. The mobile phone will be able to track the location of the application and provide it as an informative aspect to the contacts the user has allowed it to. These applications are mostly used by commercial people or businesses. Today it has moved to another level as mobile trackers are also used by individuals for different purposes. Parents use it to keep a track of their children or bosses can use it to keep a track of their employees and many other several ways. The mobile tracker can be used on both android and iOS platforms as it is an easy way to keep a track of people or objects.

How does a mobile tracker work?

Are you wondering where to sell your used phone?  You do not have to do that only to be able to use a mobile tracker as you can do it with different sorts of applications. Mobile trackers provide the location if it is enabled on the device. This is possible because of the global positioning system better known as GPS. GPS is considered to be the world‘s most advanced method of technology navigating. The GPS uses a network of satellites to locate any device that it is looking for. The satellite health to locate and provide a precise location. The satellites are meant to send down signals to earth and the GPS act as receivers. GPS that are present in the smartphone and other devices send back the signals to the satellite. Many applications can be downloaded to provide real-time data on location with accuracy.

Here are some of the applications that will help you to use it as a mobile tracker.

If you are an iOS user, you might know that there is this option in the section of finding my iPhone where you can put the email ID of the person you want to keep a track of. Once they have confirmed your request they will be able to view your location whenever they want to. However, the below-mentioned applications will work mostly both on android as well as iOS mobile phones.

  1. WhatsApp

Almost everyone will be aware of this feature that is present on WhatsApp. With the latest updates, there is two option for sending a location to your contacts. With the normal form of location, you send a basic location of wherever you are and it will be sent to the user. However, even if you leave this place and move to some other place location will not be updated for your contact to follow you. However, if you send the contact WhatsApp live location, then the contact might be able to view your location for several minutes or hours. WhatsApp also provides the option of selecting how much time you want the contact to view your location. The minimum can start for 15 minutes going up to 8 hours. The point has to be noted that it will be a live location and so even if you move around to different areas the contact will be able to figure it out.

  1. Google maps

Google maps is a very well-known name. It is one of the oldest mobile phone trackers and one of the most top-used applications as well. We use Google maps for even daily activities such as navigating to any destination. It offers the most precise location information and has a high uptime. It is easy to use and guides on the local amenities of the region. The off-line map also works even without an internet connection.

Because it is not supported on your device you are unable to download any of these applications. You might want to search for the best place to sell your phone as your mobile might be outdated. Switch to the mobile phone with the latest software update so that you’ll be able to download the latest version of these applications.

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