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What Happens to Your Body When You Switch to Vaping

Switching from cigarettes to vaping is truly a rite of passage in the lives of people who have been long-time smokers. It can be a life-changing transition that entails a lot of benefits and some difficulties, but in retrospect, the benefits always outweigh the difficulties. The problems stem from nicotine withdrawal which mostly includes irritability, frustration and anxiety. It mainly happens because your body is dumping out and cleaning the system from all the toxins you have been putting in it for years. But once vaping becomes a part of your routine and you use products from the best disposable vape brands, everything starts to fade away, and your body begins to heal. People who quit cigarettes usually begin to notice the difference in their physiological state within the first two weeks.

The human body is more resilient than we can imagine, and it’s pretty quick to adapt to external environmental changes. You might encounter some stumbling blocks during this transition, but in the end, it’s worth it to be able to breathe with cleaner lungs and not feel tired and exhausted all the time. Vaping provides many benefits to its users, and all of them are geared toward fortifying your body and improving your health. Some of the major changes that your body experiences as you switch to vaping are as follows

Improved Physical Health:

One easily perceptible thing when you switch to vaping is the drastic improvement in your physical health. The high amount of nicotine and tar seriously damage the body’s ability to circulate blood by blocking the channels through which it flows. As a result, the healing power of the body and the ability to stay active are negatively affected. Many long-time smokers find it extremely hard and excruciating to climb a flight of stairs or go for a run because they quickly run out of breath. But after they switch to vaping, the blood automatically starts circulating to all parts of the body, and they are no longer restricted by shortness of breath to be able to jog and exercise. Your taste buds begin to revitalize, and you can taste all the underlying flavours of the food you couldn’t do due to cigarettes. Your sense of smell returns to normal, and you can take in and indulge in life’s simple pleasures.

Improved Personal and Oral Hygiene:

Your personal and oral hygiene drastically improves when you switch to vaping in many ways. You no longer smell like ash, and the sweet aroma of vape juice permeates your breath and clothes, making them smell nice. Your body sweat becomes non-stinky, and your nails are no longer pale. It also ceases hair fall, improves the texture of your skin and protects you from harmful skin diseases like psoriasis, which is found among chain smokers. As far as oral hygiene is concerned, vaping makes your breath pleasant, and it slowly starts to chip away the yellowish layer from your teeth. You no longer have to worry about receding and bleeding gum because vaping doesn’t affect any part of your mouth negatively like smoking. But it does dehydrate your body; hence you must stay hydrated and maintain proper personal and oral hygiene.

Saving Money:

Smoking cigarettes can be extremely taxing on your wallet, and for heavy smokers, a considerable chunk of their money ends up being spent on cigarettes every month. But vaping is far cheaper than cigarettes, especially if you use mods that can be refilled. Vaping greatly impacts your monthly expenditures and allows you to save up a lot of money that you had previously been spending on cigarettes. It doesn’t matter if you have to change your coils and refill your tank; at the end of the day, it saves you a lot. And you can save that money and spend it elsewhere, like shopping for Christmas, contributing to your college tuition fee, or just using it to pay your bills and cover your fuel cost. Seeing all that you can save can serve as a driving force to help you stay motivated on your quitting journey.

Other Health Benefits:

Vaping as a cessation tool for smoking cigarettes can still help you in plenty of other ways. As long as you steer clear of high Nic juices. Vaping can be used as a recreational activity. It can be used to replace stuff people like to indulge in, which poses serious threats to their health. Overeating, diabetes, and procrastinating, all these things can be countered with the help of vaping. You can use the vape juice flavoured after your favourite dessert. You will get the same taste and pleasure out of it as you get in consuming the actual food. It would satisfy your sugar cravings without harming your body and injecting sugar into it. Even people with diabetes usually opt for vaping to satisfy their sweet tooth without ending up in a coma. It also helps with an oral fixation and a history of drug abuse. This can take a toll on your body. But it’s always better to make an informed decision about your body. Especially if you are not someone who is s nicotine addict.

Increased Attention Span:

People with ADHD and ADD usually suffer from short attention spans. They find it difficult to focus on an activity for a prolonged period. The sweet and tangy flavour in the e-liquid stimulates the taste buds. It can also alleviate stress and help people who like to fiddle around with something in their hands. It is a very effective harm reduction practice for many people. Those who can’t use it to fit in the circle of friends who smoke. Nicotine can give you energy and clear your head if taken in smaller doses. They provide you with a calming feeling. But you must take it with due consideration. Especially if you are someone who doesn’t have any addiction related to it.

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