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What Do We Need Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers For ?

How Can Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers Help Us?

Understanding refrigerated compressed air dryer is vital for numerous applications across the modern world and at home; everything from homes and commercial buildings to greenhouses relies on it, from the airline industry to hospitals.

The use of compressed air has increased considerably since the middle of the twentieth century. Compressed air is used for various purposes, from cooling to cleaning and drying. Compressed air is also used in commercial and residential heating systems due to its temperature and thermal energy storage capabilities.

How To Choose the Right Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer?

1. Environmental impact

Right refrigerated compressed air dryers are designed to minimize the release of air pollutants in an environmentally responsible manner. Refrigerated compressed air is one of the cleanest alternatives for drying compressed air.

refrigerated compressed

2. A small footprint

Most miniature refrigerated tank dryers use two or three times less space than conventional models, and they can be installed in a short period. The dryer can also be placed on a bench or near the process, thus reducing additional installation costs of piping and building modifications.

3. Energy-efficient

Dryers use R22 refrigerant (CFC), an environmentally friendly chemical that does not harm the ozone layer. Additionally, dryers are designing with a permanent-split capacitor motor and advanced bearing system that allows almost no heat generation while keeping operating costs low. These features make drying a more efficient process than other types of air dryers.

4. Safe operation

Because reciprocating compressors use R22 refrigerant, the equipment can be dangerous if improperly used. It is essential for users who lack knowledge or experience with refrigerated air dryers. This type of equipment increases the risk of injury from electricity and compressed gas. Thus you need to choose a professional provider that provides safe installations and maintenance.

5. Easy maintenance and installation

Maintenance costs are low because no moving parts are requiring in the drying process. Alternatively, these machines only require routine cleaning and inspection. The process is simple, requiring just a few steps for setup.

6. Robust design

In the event of a power failure, the reciprocating compressor will continue to operate at low temperatures without any damage to the dryer or compressed air equipment. They are, therefore, perfect for use in off-grid settings. These machines also feature leak-resistant high-pressure hoses and durable casings that prevent refrigerant leakage during operation.

7. Time and money savings

A refrigerated compressed air dryer in the production process offers two primary benefits: reduced waste and lower operating costs. Standard drying methods can extend drying time due to excessive moisture content in the air and ice formation on coils. The extended operating times associated with traditional air dryers can lead to higher utility bills, while refrigerated air reduces operating time and energy consumption.

8. Industrial drying

The advantages of refrigerated air dryers are particularly advantageous in industrial processes. These dryers are commonly using in water and wastewater treatment facilities, electric power generation plants, manufacturing facilities, and oil refineries. Storing thermal energy for extended periods allows dryers to operate continuously at close capacity. In addition, because the reciprocating compressor uses fewer air conditioning units than other alternatives, it can save considerable costs on cooling.

types of reciprocating compressor

9. Reduces compressed air losses

The units minimize pressure losses and maintain consistent, dry air quality. The dryer maintains up to 95% of the input pressure, reducing the amount of compressed air lost in industrial processes. In addition, because there is no moisture content in the air, these machines reduce condensation and corrosion that naturally occur in all other types of drying processes.


There are four significant benefits of opting for a refrigerated compressor air dryer over other equipment available in the market today. The first is that it uses R22 refrigerant, a green chemical that doesn’t damage the ozone layers. Due to low-efficiency ratings, compressed air dryers use less electricity than other options like heaters and fans. Lastly, they are designs to be leakproof and easy to maintain.

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