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What do Accounting Services Do Accounting Firms provide?

What services do accounting firms provide? This is a frequently asked question. Some accountants and tax advisors argue that accounting services are not services but merely preparatory activities carried out to prepare the accounts. In other words, accountants can do all the bookkeeping and the financial analysis, while tax advisors only have to do the accounting and the implementation of the accounting policies. The issue here is whether accounting is a service or a function.

Definition of the Word ‘Accountancy’

To answer this question, it is essential to consider the definition of the word ‘accountancy.’ The term accounts means a process of estimating or ascertaining information relating to the financial records of a business, organization, government, etc. This is an activity undertaken by people in the profession of accountancy. In other words, accountancy is a practice rather than a service. A person who provides accounting services is qualified as an accountant and carries out the various financial activities related to the accountancy of a firm, organization, government, etc.



Professional Tax Advice

The UK law restricts most UK accounting firms from offering professional tax advice to their clients. The tax rules are very complicated, and accountants dealing with complex tax schemes can only give professional advice. However, there are accounting firms that offer their services to individuals and businesses so that they can take steps to minimize their tax liabilities.

Small Business Tax Advice Services

Small business accounting services provide small business owners with small business tax advice services. As you think about it, the financial burden placed on owners of small companies is immense. Small companies cannot estimate the correct tax liability without proper accounting services and pay it on time. Small companies need professional bookkeeping services to have an accurate idea of their taxes and monthly obligations. These services help the company maintain correct records of its activities and provide it with appropriate tax guidance.



Another kind of accounting service is bookkeeping. The purpose of doing bookkeeping is to maintain accounting records. Accountants create and maintain journals, draw up financial statements, produce tax returns and keep track of payments made to other people or the firm. The information recorded in these journals and financial statements is used to make decisions related to the business, including what companies need to invest in growing and which ones need to sell-off. To get these decisions right, accounting experts must access all the relevant financial information. Bookkeepers also help the owners of a firm by keeping their records.


Many small businesses, especially those with limited assets, do not have a dedicated accounting department. In such cases, bookkeeping is carried out by a hired accountant. For this reason, accounting services, including payroll and accounting software, are provided by bookkeeping service providers.

Financial Transactions 

Many accounting firms also deal with the financial transactions of suppliers and vendors. They prepare and maintain accounts and keep records for their clients. These records include sales by the vendor, purchases by the client, and net cash inflows and outflows. Many accountants also help their clients with their tax schemes. These services, along with accounting records, support the accountant to provide sound professional advice to their client on tax matters.

Research, Investments, Insurance, Investment Banking, Mortgage, and Business Financing

Many firms also specialize in one particular aspect of accounting, such as research, investments, insurance, investment banking, mortgage, and business financing. Whatever type of accounting a firm performs must be register with the Department of the Treasury. This agency licenses and regulates all United States financial firms. Before an accounting firm can become registered, it must undergo background checks, including a credit application and a background check on its employees. Therefore, the services that do accounting are what services accounting firms perform.

Tax Laws

The primary goal of accounting services is to ensure that tax laws compile. Tax compliance is crucial in ensuring long-term viability for a business. This provides lower costs and higher returns. Accounting helps track tax payments by utilizing various systems, including individual payslips, quarterly and yearly return forms, and tax references. It also helps in monitoring government refunds and provides information on tax credits and deductions. These records use to determine eligibility for tax benefits and programs and plan for the future.


However, it should be notice that not all accounting firms specialize in the same types of accounting. Some specialize in corporate, business taxation, and collection of payroll taxes, and some specialize only in insurance or investment banking. Whatever services they provide, some offer a full range of accounting services. These firms call outsourcers. Outsourcers provide the accounting services of a large accounting firm at a much smaller price.

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