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Computers and Technology

What Are the Top Must Have Features in an Educational App?

In the early days, education was carried out in schools and colleges. But now, school and college desks replaced by smartphones as most students switch to on-demand education apps that technology offers.

But before opting for any education app, it is essential that it is developed well with all full-fledge features that are required to make the app good and user-friendly.

In this post, we will be discussing education app development feature that is essential in today’s app market.

Top Features You Must Have In An Educational App in 2022

These are the top features that must exist in an e-learning app in 2022. Some of these features are mentioned below:

1) High Value Content

As an online user, we know that content is the key. There are plenty of e-learning apps available in the market, but if the user is coming to yours.

It is your responsibility to provide them with high value content that are well-researched by experts.

Providing enrich content will give your user confident in retaining in your app, which can help you in your business growth.

So, take your time in doing research and provide high-quality content to the students. Add content in form of videos and graphics, that can make students interested in browsing your content.

2) Strong Database

When developing an e-learning app, it is essential to implement a robust database in your app that should contain all relevant information related to study lessons. To update things further, this process is done.

3) A Good User Interface

Once you have done with your content and database, the next important thing for your e-learning app is designing an interactive user interface that tends to be user-friendly.

There are different types of apps available in the market having different user-interface.

Connect with the Education App Development Company and discuss the user interface you want to integrate with the app according to your business requirement.

Do remember that a good interface always makes your app engaging and interactive in terms of user usage.

4) One-Step Login And Dashboard

If you are planning to develop an education app, one-step login and dashboard are very important.

A one-step login helps a student to save time so that they can focus on their learning, and a dashboard in an e-learning app helps a student to customize their chapters and lesson according to their own interest.

5) Push Notification

Push notification integration will help your students to know about any new chapters and study material that is available for access. This will also help in more visits to your app. Thus, make sure to add push notification features to your education app.

Connect with the development company to avail these education app development services offered them.

6) Progress Test and Reports

At the end of every session and semester, a progress test conducted by the educational institute.

To know about student learning and progress throughout the academics. Integrating progress tests and reports in an e-learning app will help your student to take a test and analyze their performance through reports.


Well, developing an ed-tech app in today’s digital era is an excellent idea in terms of business. Educational institutes and schools prefer online education rather than offline as it is more convenient and flexible.

Hopefully, this education app development guide has helped you in knowing the must-have features in an education app if you are developing it in 2022.

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Steven Martin

Steven Martin is a senior app developer at AppsChopper, who is not only passionate about coding, but also likes to share his knowledge via writing unique content. He is dedicated towards his work, and stays updated with all the latest technologies trending in the market. 

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