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Computers and Technology

What Are the Most Dependable Hard Drives?

If you plan to purchase a hard drive, you have to be aware that their quality differs from one another. While purchasing a hard drive, consider that every HDD has separate design feature. Some manufacturers devote resources and time to carry out development and research, ensuring that they obtain the parts of top-notch quality. On the other hand, others make use of the cheapest labor to create similar types of hard drives. Also, two different quality components of the world may create two drives with similar model numbers.

Data Storage

A single hard drive consists of a plethora of data including information related to careers or priceless memories. You will learn a lot about hard drive brands, based on how you use them on your personal computer. When you choose a specific hard drive, regardless of the company name, the result will follow. This is because it holds many personal data, which could be corrupt at any time, and you will not even have a chance to backup. So, with that being said, you have to be on your toes to make sure you take backup of your drive as soon as possible. It will help you to have an alternate, in case your hard drive corrupts.

Reliable vs. Non-reliable Hard Drive

There is so much career-related information as well as personal memories stored in the hard drive. It is necessary to protect it at any cause, as slight negligence may cause unrecoverable damage. When it comes to choosing a hard drive brand, one of the most crucial aspects is that it should be a reliable one. As compared to the non-reliable ones, reliable hard drives stand the test of time. The key difference is that non-reliable hard drives fail much earlier, as compared to reliable ones. The issue is that a reliable hard drive is not easy to find, as compared to the non-reliable ones.

How to find a reliable hard drive?

People have always been concerned regarding the hard drive they have chosen has turned out to be unreliable. Therefore, what is the ideal way to choose a reliable hard drive and benefit from it for a long period? A report from Back blaze can prove to be the perfect document to inform you about how to find a reliable hard drive.

How Back blaze Tests the Hard Drives

In 2021, Back blaze carried out two tests related to testing the hard drives. The purpose of the test was to determine the rate of failure of a hard drive as well as its reliability. Back blaze most commonly carried out tests on hard drives like Western Digital, Hitachi, Seagate, and Toshiba. One of the biggest reasons to put these brands of HDD to the test is because of their reliability. Despite being slower in speed as compared to SSD, HDD offer sufficient storage capacity instead. The drives tested depended more on the brand model while having a storage capacity of 4-16 TB.

Back blaze’s First Test

Back blaze carried out its first test in the year 2021, in which it observed that the data centers consist of 171,919 hard drives. There are four data centers, whereas, the hard drive failed in the process amounting to 348. Hence, its annualized failure rate (AFR) is 0.85% approximately.

Back blaze acknowledged that the outcome was a satisfying one. More or less, 23,600 hard drives over the period were migrated. On the other hand, 42,000 HDDs were farmed. There were zero failures in four models of the hard drive.

How to choose the Right Hard Drive?

People think that selecting the right hard drive is no easy feat. However, in reality, it is the other way round. The most commonly used brand for the hard drive is Seagate, followed by Hitachi, Maxtor, Samsung, and finally Western Digital. However, when we let them compete with one another, then we realize that Seagate stands tall in the competition. However, at the same time, there is not much of a difference between all the brands. Following are some of the aspects to be considered while choosing a dependable hard drive for your PC.


In case you are upgrading the SATA interfaces system, choose a SATA as a replacement. It is important to select the one that already consists of a SATA interface. There may be a different approach implemented, consisting of similar model numbers.

Storage capacity        

Many people go out to capture a hard drive, which may offer the greatest amount of storage capacity. However, the option may not favor everyone, but the select few only. When comparing mid-range hard drives to large drives, we figure out it is not one of the best decisions to take.

Large cache Model

Buffer memory also known as the cache is used by disc drives to improve performance. If you want to avail faster performance, you have to have a larger cache built into your PC. While a high-end hard drive has, an 8 MB or 16 MB cache, on the other hand, a cache of 2 MB is found mostly in low-cost drives. Generally feature, whereas mid-range versions have an 8 MB cache and high-performance ones have a 16 MB cache. Some manufacturers sell the same model drive with varying levels of cache. As a result, this marks usually getting the same number of the model. However, the letter is different. Larger caches, in our opinion, have a negligible influence on the comprehensive performance of the drive with the extra money.

Noise Level and Power Consumption

The noise level and power consumption of similar drives might vary greatly. More heat is generated when more power is generated by a drive. As a result, total system noise indirectly by requiring the system exhaust fans to work harder. It is critical to select low power and quiet hard disk drives for silent system operation. The technical specification sheet determines the amount of noise level and power consumed by the hard drive. This may be found on the website of the manufacturer.

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