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What are the major advantages of getting MCSA Certification?


MCSA, or Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, is an entry-level certificate course offered by Microsoft. It helps in the development of knowledge and competence in numerous Microsoft technologies.

However, MCSA certification is necessary for further certifications that will help you advance your knowledge. Therefore, MCSA Online Training may train you in the respective technology and assist you to enter this specific domain with more proficiency. Also, this certification is necessary for the business sector to demonstrate a technical understanding of any Microsoft product or service. In this article, we will talk about the advantages of acquiring the certification. However, before that, let us understand What MCSA is?

MCSA: Defination

MCSA certifies the proficiency of IT professionals with the necessary experience. It also validates their knowledge of any Microsoft environment, such as SQL Server 2014 to 2016, Cloud Platform, Windows Server, and many others.

Moreover, it is an entry-level certification that broadens the skillset for individuals who want to get the necessary experience in a similar field and understand Microsoft technologies.

Different MCSA Certifications Available

MCSA certification is a must to acquire several other higher-level Microsoft certifications. However, these certifications are essential for individuals who want to pursue a profession in the IT business. As a result, here is a list of some of the most common MCSA credentials an individual can acquire for promising career opportunities:

●     MCSA Windows

This MCSA certification depends on multiple Windows technologies. Windows 10 focuses on how to configure, manage, and maintain a Windows 10 business system. The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate Windows 10 certification permits you to work as a computer support professional. While Windows 8 demands you to show your ability to configure, manage, and maintain a Windows 8 business system.

●     Linux on Azure

This certification allows you to plan and manage complex cloud-based Linux systems with the support of Azure’s open-source capabilities for maximum value. Moreover, it helps you to showcase your Linux administration expertise.

●     MCSA BI Reporting

It supports your understanding of data analytics, modeling, dashboards, and data source accessibility in Power BI and Excel.

●     Data Engineering with Azure

This certificate demonstrates your grasp of not just creating but also analytics building and functional resolves on this one-of-a-kind platform.

●     Cloud Platform

This credential certifies an individual as an expert in all Microsoft cloud technologies. It instills in you the ability to assist the business by reducing IT costs.

Advantages of MCSA Certification

Microsoft MCSA provides several advantages to individuals. Some of them are as follows:

●     Earning Potential

We aren’t sure if you know this, but the employees with the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate credential have lucrative career options. As a result, they earn more than their competitors who lack such a qualification. Also, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate acquired professionals get around 30% more than their uncertified peers in the same organization.

●     Professional Advancement

Are you looking to switch your career in the IT industry? If yes, companies would definitely evaluate your qualifications before deciding whether or not to hire you. So, when you have MCSA, your resume is more likely to be given preference from the list of the most qualified applicants.

●     Job Efficiency

Professionals with the MCSA qualification appear to be more efficient in completing their responsibilities accurately. However, employers are fully aware of this reality and prefer to hire MCSA-certified personnel for their organizations. They understand that hiring new employees will boost productivity and offer better outcomes.

●     Proof of Skills

If you have your Microsoft MCSA certification, then you must be aware that this certification validates your formal ability that you have proficiency in this field. You may also take great satisfaction in your MCSA certification and include it on your job applications and resume. Thus, companies will always favor you since you have the potential to be an essential asset to them in the future.

Who can go for MCSA Certification?

After going through the advantages of Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate certification, let us now understand who can acquire this popular certification. This certificate is for those who desire to become one of the most sought-after Microsoft Systems specialists.

So, if you are currently working in the IT industry as a network technician or a system administrator? Then, aim for the Microsoft MCSA certification. It will help you advance your career to the next professional level. In this manner, you will obtain much-needed experience and become the finest asset for your organization.


To conclude, the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate certification has a vast scope. Anyone with this credential may earn 10-15% more than their peers who haven’t done this technology. As a result, MCSA Training Institute in Delhi makes you stand apart from the crowd by providing immense knowledge and helping you to enter this domain with great proficiency.


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