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What are the Easiest Ways to Order Healthy Food at Restaurants?

Normally when you think of eating out, the words “healthy” and “restaurant” don’t quite go hand in hand. However, with a bit of knowledge about what to order, you can easily make healthy choices at restaurants without sacrificing flavour or convenience.

Ways to order healthy food at restaurants are: ask for substitutions, order an appetiser as your main course, avoid creamy sauces and dressings, and many more.

In this post, we will share some of our favourite tips for ordering healthy food at restaurants. So whether you’re eating out with friends or family, or need to grab something on the go, read on for some helpful advice

1. Ask for substitutions – for example, if you don’t want fries with your burger, ask for a salad or fruit instead

Restaurants are often happy to accommodate your requests for substitutions – for example, if you don’t want fries with your burger, they might be able to give you a side salad or some grilled vegetables instead.

This can be a great way to make sure you’re getting the healthy food that you want.

2. Order an appetiser as your main course – this is a great way to try multiple dishes without overindulging

Ordering an appetiser as your main course is a great way to try multiple dishes without overindulging. Restaurant portions are often quite large, so by ordering an appetiser as your main course, you’ll be able to save room for dessert (or another appetiser!) later on.

Appetisers are also a great way to order healthy food at a restaurant. Many appetisers are low in calories and high in nutrients, making them the perfect choice if you’re trying to eat healthily. So next time you’re at a restaurant, ask for an appetiser instead of a full-sized entrée!

3. Avoid creamy sauces and dressings – they’re often high in fat and calories

If you’re trying to order a healthy meal at a restaurant, it’s best to avoid creamy sauces and dressings.

They’re often high in fat and calories, and can quickly ruin your diet. Instead, stick with simple dishes like grilled chicken or fish, or steamed vegetables.

You can always ask the waiter to bring a side of low-fat dressing or sauce for dipping.

4. Stick to water or unsweetened tea instead of sugary drinks

When you order a drink at a restaurant, you’re usually not just choosing a beverage, but also setting the tone for your meal. A lot of people order sugary drinks like sodas or sweet tea without realising that they’re sabotaging their own healthy eating goals.

Sugar-sweetened beverages are some of the unhealthiest things you can eat. Not only do they contain empty calories that can contribute to weight gain, but they also cause blood sugar spikes that can wreak havoc on your metabolism and set the stage for type 2 diabetes.

So instead of ordering a sugary drink, stick to water or unsweetened tea. Both of these options are calorie-free and will help keep your overall calorie intake

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