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Health and Medical

Website for Doctors: What features should the ideal website?

In the digital age in which website for doctors operates, having a physical presence is not enough. You have to work on your brand image also (and above all) online.

The first step to being present on the web is to have a website that represents a constant point of contact with your customers.

This aspect becomes even more important in the healthcare and dental marketing sector, where establishing a relationship of trust with one’s patients is essential. In addition, the web has revolutionized communication and information: for patients who have to book a medical visit.

Often and willingly search the internet for information about the doctor before making an appointment; they read the reviews of other customers on an aesthetic clinic to understand whether to proceed with booking the desired treatment.

But that’s not all. The way of booking medical visits and consultations has also changed. Online reservations in the healthcare sector are increasingly taking the place of the classic toll-free number.

In this ever-changing environment, the ideal website must have certain characteristics to help doctors attract new patients.

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Ensuring a good browsing experience for patients looking for information online is the first element of opening deciding to open a website to support your profession, especially if we operate in the health sector.

Offering a good user experience means making sure that users can easily find the data they need:

  • The address of the clinic.
  • The opening hours of the clinic.
  • The telephone number of the dental office.
  • The type of treatments offered by a physiotherapy center.

The content presented must answer patients’ most common questions and inspire trust.


Another element that positively affects the browsing experience is mobile optimization.

Today, most people surf the web from their smartphones. However, suppose the site is not optimized. In that case, they will hardly be able to find what they are looking for, with the result of leaving the page after a few seconds to turn their attention to the sites of other professionals or doctors’ offices.


Given their wide medical and dental sector marketing strategies, the mental sector increasingly involves social media marketing techniques.

Being on social networks means maintaining constant and continuous contact with your patients, breaking down the barriers given by the authority of the medical position, and communicating quickly and easily with them, establishing a fundamental relationship of trust.

But that’s not all. On social networks, users are led to comment and leave their opinions. This presents an excellent opportunity for healthcare companies to predict patient needs and to be able to respond promptly with products and services aimed at satisfying those specific needs.

Finally, social networks offer the possibility of promoting your messages and creating sponsored and targeted posts to a specific audience of potential customers that you want to reach.

It is, in fact, possible to publish engaging content in different formats:

  • videos
  • infographics
  • texts
  • photos


Having a website, however, is not enough. Patients, current or future, need to be able to find it in the myriad of results offered by Google.

Healthcare web marketing cannot fail to consider SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Not having a good ranking is equivalent to not existing on the web. Furthermore, users who search for information want to find it immediately, no later than the first ten results.

Many techniques can be used to improve the SEO optimization of your site:

  • add a blog section in which to publish thematic articles
  • create posts on social pages that link to the site
  • open a Google My Business page


Google My Business is a free promotion service offered by Google and designed for commercial activities.

This tool is very useful for improving SEO: entering data from your medical, dental, or health clinic, such as contact information, opening hours, and reviews from other users, not only helps Google index the business, but even patients can quickly find the information they need.


Patients who follow their healthcare website design are willing to leave their email addresses to receive periodic updates directly in their email inboxes.

These are called newsletters in marketing, real emails of an informative nature, useful for maintaining a dialogue with customers even after the first contact.

It is sufficient to propose three fields for entering the name, surname, and email address, in addition to the acceptance of the privacy policy for processing personal data.


After analyzing the characteristics that the ideal website for their patients must have, we must ensure that even those who do not know us can get in touch with our reality.

Advertising has always been important in raising awareness of any facility or health service, and having an online presence doesn’t mean stopping advertising. Having a site, in fact, only implies changing the way you advertise.

Today, the healthcare web marketing market offers us two powerful tools:

  • Facebook ads
  • Google Adwords

The first is useful for doing your business known by working on brand awareness;

In other words, Google Adwords works on short-term conversions, while Facebook ads allow you to make yourself known more and more and increase your loyal customer base in the long run.

To be present in the healthcare web marketing sector, you cannot ignore having a website with all the credentials to find and be found by new customers.

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