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Want to Stay Happy in life? Just Practice This

Happiness is often a result of inner strength. Learn to control negative thoughts and look at each day with a positive outlook.  There are some methods to stay happy in life.

Conquer Negative Thinking

Every human has a tendency to be more than Eeyore than Tigger and to reflect more on negative experiences than those that were positive. It’s an evolutionary change learning from the risky or painful situations we face throughout our lives (bullying or trauma, betrayal, etc.) can help us avoid these situations in the future and respond quickly in situations of crisis.

However, that also means you need to put in the effort to help your brain overcome negative thoughts. Here’s how:

Do not attempt to stop thinking and worrying about negative things. Telling yourself “I have to stop thinking about this,” will only make your mind think of it even more. Instead, acknowledge your concerns. If you’re stuck in a negative spiral you must acknowledge that. “I’m worried about money.” “I’m obsessing about problems at work.”

Make yourself feel like an amiable buddy. When you are experiencing negative feelings about yourself, think about what advice you would give to a person who is down about her own. Then, try applying the advice to yourself.

Refuse to believe doubts and negative thinking

Socratic questioning is the method of challenging and altering irrational thoughts. This method can help reduce depression symptoms. The aim is to shift your mind from a negative one (“I’m a failure.”) to an optimistic one (“I’ve enjoyed many successes in my professional life. It’s just one incident that doesn’t affect me. I can take the lessons learned and improve my performance.”) Below are suggestions of questions you might ask yourself to overcome your negative thoughts.

Write down the negative thought you are thinking about like “I’m having problems at work and am questioning my abilities.”

  • And then ask yourself: “What is the evidence for this thought?”
  • “Am I basing this decision on the facts? Or just my own feelings?”
  • “Could I be misinterpreting the situation?”
  • “How do other people perceive the scenario differently?
  • “How might I view this situation if it happened to someone else?”

The bottom line is: Negative thinking is a part of everyone however if we acknowledge it and confront that thought and challenge it, we’re taking a major step towards living a more joyful life.

Controlled Breathing

The field of science is only beginning to show that the beneficial effects of this old-fashioned practice are true. Research has shown for example that breathing exercises can ease symptoms associated with insomnia, anxiety as well as post-traumatic stress disorder depression, and Attention deficit disorder. Since ancient times, yogis have employed breathing control, also known as pranayama to increase focus and boost vitality. Buddha recommended breath-meditation as a method of achieving enlightenment.

Practice Optimism for Happy life

The ability to be optimistic is part of the genetics and part acquired. Even if you’re born into a clan of dark Guess it is possible to discover your inner sunshine. It’s not about ignoring the reality of a bleak circumstance. In the aftermath of losing a job such as this, people might feel depressed and believe, “I’ll never recover from this.” A person who is optimistic could accept the challenges with more optimism by saying, “This is going to be difficult, but it’s a chance to rethink my life goals and find work that truly makes me happy.”

I help growth-motivated goddesses cultivate self-awareness and live up to their true potential! Manifest Range is a platform to share with you all the practices I use on my own growth journey.  because I know that they can help you too!

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