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Top Treks in Himachal Pradesh 

Treks such as the Triund Trek, Hampta Pass Trek, Bhrigu Lake Trek, Indrahar Pass Trek, Kheerganga Trek, Pin Parvati Trek, Tosh Valley Trek, Kareri Lake Trek, Prashar Lake Trek, Beas Kund Trek, Bhaba Pass Trek, Chanderkhani Pass Trek, and others are available.

The Himalayas, the world ‘s highest and latest mountainous region, protect the Indian state of Himachal, which is home to a myriad of exciting hikes. The hikes in Himachal cater to the demands and emotions of all hikers by providing each aspect of thrill and pleasure. These hikes lead you past flowing rivers, glistening streams, and lush oak, deodar, silver oak, and dense forests.

Hampta pass trek, himachal pradesh

The Hampta Trekking Route is one of Himachal Pradesh’s greatest spectacular hikes, with barren mountains and stark, arid landscapes of Lahaul solely on a single side and beautiful, flower-covered Kullu valley from the other. This 25-kilometer journey is suitable for beginner hikers with a reasonable degree of endurance. The plentiful environment is one of the great features of the walk that keeps hikers’ excitement levels strong.

From luscious, sweet-smelling fruit fields to dark oak and deciduous trees and woods, the walk is filled with natural environments that any environment lover will enjoy. The picturesque campgrounds of Shea Goru and Balu ka Ghera. That are interspersed with green spots and a beautiful river and flanked by high-rising hills, are yet another highlight of the Hampta Pass Trail.

Level of Difficulty: Medium

6 day length

14,065 feet is the highest point on the mountain.

Bhrigu lake trek

Bhrigu Lake Hike is one of Himachal Pradesh’s more stunning grasslands hikes, and it’s only around 20 kilometres from Manali. The site attracts a large stream of hikers due to its stunning alpine meadows and calm reservoir, which is based on the common mythical notion that ascetic Maharishi Bhrigu once performed his mindfulness here. The fields here are stretched out like a never-ending blanket, with roaming sheep and untamed horses contributing to the grandeur, giving you a sense comparable to that of Switzerland.

The walk is also recognised for providing unrivaled vistas of the majestic Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges, which is just another cause why hikers are drawn to the Bhrigu Lake Trip.

Level of Difficulties involved: Modera

4 day duration

14,009 feet is the highest point on the mountain.

Kheerganga trek

Kheerganga Trek has been one of Himachal’s greatest quiet and tranquil hiking destinations, located at the bottom.  The magnificent Parvati valley And recognised for its picturesque features and mythical importance. Kheer ganga, home to a modest bath pool, an appealing hot water springs, and an age-old Shiv shrine. Attracts multitudes of eager hikers each year in pursuit of spiritual and inner peace.

The hikers will travel past attractive towns, magnificent cascades, and towering snow-capped peaks on their route to the glistening Kheerganga river. The serpent-shaped fall in Rudra Nag is amongst the most distinctive panoramas among some of the trek’s captivating picturesque features.

Level of Difficulties involved: Easy to Moderate

2 day period

3050 metres is the highest point reached.

Beas kund trek

Beas Kund Hike is one of Himachal Pradesh’s more well mountaineering destinations, situated close to Manali. The journey starts in Old Manali and leads through to the age-old settlements of Shanag and Burua. Which can provide absolutely tranquil and pollution-free surroundings to absorb in. The trail goes on to the verdant Bakartach and Dundi meadows, as well as the green Solang Valley.

You would have enjoyed magnificent spectacular views of a plethora of gigantic peaks, notably Hanuman Tibba, Ladakhi, Shitidhar, Friendship Peak, Mt. Indrasen, and Deo Tibba, before arriving at the little alpine reservoir of Beas Kund. Backpackers on the Beas Kund Trail appreciate staying overnight in nice tents in Solang Valley.

Level of Difficulties involved: Easy to Medium

4 day length

12,772 feet is the highest point on the mountain.

Laka glacier trek

The Laka Glacier Hike, which stretches over 13 kilometres and is famed for its bizarre scenery, is  lengthy weekend trip. The walk begins at Bhagsu Nag and leads to Triund over a steep track that passes across deodar, rhododendron, and oak woods.

The large alpine grassland of Triund Top. Trekkers would be well on glacier gravel on their way from Triund Top to Laka Glacier. Getting even better views of the massive Dhauladhar as they advanced.

Level of Difficulties involved: Easy to Moderate

3 day duration

Highest Elevation: 9,500 ft.

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