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Top-Rated Attractions & Beautiful Places To Visit In Jaipur

Attractions & Beautiful Places To Visit In Jaipur

Attractions & Beautiful Places To Visit In Jaipur

Hello!! friends if you done your India trip without the Jaipur. Than your trip purely is incomplete. Jaipur is the also attraction of the tourism So, why not its places is the reason of the top rated attractions. Here in this article you will read all about the top rated attractions & beautiful places to visit in Jaipur.

Places To Visit In Jaipur

Let’s get start to visit in Jaipur with high rated attractions with beautiful places. With the golden triangle India tour package. The golden triangle is the India’s most preeminent point of culture and heritage, spiritual and historical places. The main attractive Gulabi Nagari is the colorful city with lots of priceless culture, food, historical forts, gems, lakes, and glorious market.

Get ready to make your visit Jaipur the capital of the great Rajasthan. Can we start from the City Palace. The city palace is the luxury lifestyles of Rajwadas. When you go for the city palace this is the attraction of the lavish lifestyle price-friendly  the imperial family of Jaipur.

After the city palace our next step is the astronomical Jantar Mantar. this is known for the Vastu-Kala and mysteries place and realistically. List out your itinerary with Jaipur sightseeing tour package guide for the top rated attraction & beautiful places to visit in the Jaipur city.

  • The City Palace:
  • Astronomical Janatar Mantar:
  • The Albert Hall Museum:

The City Palace:

The city palace is located at the Tulsi Marg, Gangori bazaar, Jaipur. it is the heart of the old city of Gulabi Nagari. this palace is stood since 3 centuries. after the Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II determine to change place from the city of Amber fort. Also, you can go from here to Govind Dev Ji Mandir. The entire palace’s designed is full of Rajasthani and colored by the sand-colored.

Astronomical Jantar Mantar:

Jantar Mantar is known as its name, this is the bunch of bigger than the life theoretical sculptures. it is the collection of the astronomical gadgets tools you can also say gadgets. This is started by the Maharaja Jai Singh-II to calculate the heavens distance about 300 years ago.

You can see at this place the observatory’s massive the sun dial, recognized as Samrat Yantra, is basically striking. As a result, at 27 meters big, it casts a enormous shadow that correctly measures time down to two seconds.

The Albert Hall Museum:

The beautiful Albert Hall museum is the rebuke to all other museums in all over India. I suggests you visit the museum at the night time. At the night time multicolored lights brighten the outside of the alluring Museum. this is the collection of art, statues, historical artifacts and Egyptian mummy is also here. You can see at this building.

Also the Hawa Mahal , Jal Mahal, Amber fort, Galta Gate, Nahar Garh fort, Jai Garh and Patrika Gate  are the top-rated attractions & beautiful places to visit in Jaipur. As a result, all the places make more beautiful Jaipur city.

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