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Top interesting facts about Dubai that will make you amazed!

Dubai is a city of fun, amusements, rich heritage, and attractive places. The emirate is the first choice of many travelers and business owners. In the article, let’s discuss some interesting facts that indeed make you amazed!

Interesting facts about Dubai one should know

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building on the globe

We all have heard about this attraction through social media and many other mediums. Some of you might have visited this place in Dubai. Burj Khalifa is almost 828 meters and has 13 floors. Including the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa holds six other records. You can witness a beautiful fountain and light show. If you want to explore adventure, you must see its top view. You will surely get some unbelievable clicks for your Instagram followers.

Dubai Mall is the shopping plaza

Dubai Mall is more than just a mall! This shopping plaza is spread over 1,124,000 square meters. In short, 50 football pitches will be equivalent to this Dubai Mall. There are more than 1200 stores that serve several kinds of stuff. If you don’t want to shop in the mall, you can visit the aquarium, where more than 33,000 aquatic animals can be viewed through the long tunnel. Moreover, it has the world’s largest candy store and is home to almost 120 luxury hotels. And that’s the reason millions of people visit Dubai Mall every year.

Click the snaps with the largest photo frame in Dubai

You will not experience such a type of structure anywhere else. Dubai Frame has a golden color that has beautifully crafted designs. This rectangle-shaped frame has a 1:1.618 ratio. It is better to see this place at night if you are in love with light shows.

Have you heard about Dubai Dino?

Another surprising thing you can witness inside the Dubai Mall is Dubai Dino. This incredible fossil was brought to Dubai from the USA in 2014. And they publicly displayed this iconic real skeleton in Dubai Mall. This fossil is A 155-million-year-old Diplodocus Longus. It is said that the Dubai Dino has almost bones intact in it.

Dubai police use luxury cars on duty

The emirate of Dubai is one of the car-centric cities, and if Dubai police have extra fancy cars, there is nothing to surprise. They drive a range of Dubai luxury cars, such as Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, Camaro, Mercedes, etc. One of the fastest supercars that the Dubai police owns is Veyron. So, next time, if you notice any such car, don’t be surprised!

Palm Jumeirah is the artificial island of the Dubai

Have you ever heard of building a whole island by humans? If not, you will see it in Dubai. Yes! It is Dubai, and everything is here, either first or the world’s largest.

This island was inaugurated in 2006 and spread over 1,380 acres. This island is named Palm Jumeirah due to its palm tree shape. On this island, you can stay at luxury hotels, have authentic food, and enjoy water sports on a private beach. So if you are planning to visit Dubai, you must add Palm Jumeirah to your bucket list.

Home to exotic pets

Just like lavish cars, exotics pets are also considered a status symbol. Many wealthy business owners and other personalities adopt tigers, lions, cheetahs, and others as their pets. Usually, we consider cats and dogs as our pets, but this isn’t the case in Dubai.

Camel racing is the heritage

When you imagine anything about Dubai, the first thing that stuck to your mind is Dubai’s endless desert and camels. It says that camel racing is 2000 years old. And that’s the reason it has historical importance. So, if you are in Dubai or it is on your bucket list, your trip will be incomplete without witnessing camel racing.

Get gold as a reward in exchange for losing weight

Do you know you can get 2 grams of gold for losing 2 kg? Strange right? But it’s true! Well, this scheme applies to the residents of Dubai. What are your thoughts about it?

Bottom line

The above list of facts about Dubai are common yet interesting. Also, it will help you plan your Dubai itinerary in a better way.

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