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Top 6 Signs That Your Car Battery Needs Replacing

Top 6 Signs That Your Car Battery Needs Replacing

Do you know abut 6 signs your car battery needs replacing? An engine simulates as a heart to your car while the battery equips the necessary pulse. Have you ever imagined a heart functioning without its pulse? Of course not! Your vehicle requires a battery to run its engine. However, a car battery is not just confined to just starting your car.

There is a vast list of features that genuinely rely on the battery. They range from the stereo, lights, power windows, navigation systems, electric power steering, power locks, and so on. These electronic features require the power of a battery to work properly.

Your car’s battery needs to be in prime condition to power your car as well as its components. However, the car’s battery degrades over time. Generally, a car’s battery has a life span of four to five years, but sometimes, it may demonstrate signs of degradation shortly than the specified time.

A dead car battery may take you unawares. You may find yourself out of sorts. However, a car maintenance provider ensures any pitfall with a battery. But, you should also keep a check over the condition of your car’s battery.

Just have a look over the top signs of a dying battery and make a sensible decision to avoid unfortunate circumstances.

The engine turn over is delayed

The engine turn over is delayed

As your car battery initiates the starting of the engine, it energises the ignition system to kick off the starter in your car. The starter moves the flywheel, which activates your engine.

In case, the engine takes a few extra seconds before turning over, your battery is advancing towards the end of its life. Do not procrastinate and opt for the car battery replacement at your earliest convenience.

However, you can find yourself amid a situation when you turn your car’s key. The engine makes a heart-wrenching sound and won’t turn over without jumping your vehicle off.

You can avail of our services for your end to end battery requirements if you have just recognised a delayed turnover of your car’s engine. We, at Service My Car, provide on-demand car battery replacement.

Dashboard lights blinking

Dashboard lights blinking

During a ride, you heavily rely on the essential information. And, it is available by courtesy of your car’s dashboard. However, the dashboard consists of several lights for distinct objectives.

If these lights experience intermittent flicker, it generally conveys the sign of a dying battery. You have been utilising your car for a while now. You have been getting the alerts of a weak battery even though you have been overlooking them.

Immediately take action by getting a battery test to ensure its health or by just going for the complete battery replacement.

At Service My Car, we offer remedies for your headaches to always power up your battery. Our computerised battery test scans the health of your battery and, if required, suggests a replacement.

Headlights dimmer than usual

Headlights dimmer than usual

A dying battery might have an effect on all the components it powers. The headlights consume the battery in excess as they are directly connected to it. You may notice that your headlights go dim if you are not accelerating your car and brighten up otherwise. It highlights a sign of a weak battery.

However, you may experience such conditions when your brakes and then accelerate your car. It could be due to an issue with your alternator rather than your battery.

In such a scenario, you can avail yourself of the professional car service at Service My Car. We take care of your problem, whether it is a dying battery or an alternator work.

A sign of corrosion

A sign of corrosion
Car battery terminal with corrosion on lead post

Corrosion is a crusty substance, usually, built up at the terminals. A lighter appearance is normal, but excess coverage is undoubtedly a cause of concern.

If there is a sign of corrosion, it may be due to leakage of the battery fluid or escaping gases. However, an old battery is also a major cause of corrosion. Your battery should be mostly clean.

Despite the cause, you should opt for a piece of professional advice. A scheduled inspection may escape you to be stranded in the middle with a dead battery while looking to jump your car off.

At Service My Car, our professionals help you with an inspection to sort out the things. Whether your car has a dying battery or excessive corrosion is resisting the car battery and the wires, we have the solution for everything.

Your dying battery may slow down the rolling of your power window. You may notice it while the car’s engine is not on. Usually, your power windows roll with just a push of a button.

However, it could be due to a faulty wire or any defective components that help in rolling the windows up and down.

Therefore, it is worth considering a car repair, at Service My Car. Here, you can get a clear understanding of the genuine issue.

In case you have observed a slow-rolling window with any other issue of dying battery. It would be best if you went for a replacement of the battery immediately at Service My Car without any further delay.

Unusual smell and a deformed shape

Does your car smell like rotten eggs once you pop the hood? It is a clear sign of an issue with your battery. The aged batteries tend to release toxic gases.

In addition, an old battery may also lose its shape. It will either be swollen or cracked. These telltale signs convey enough to reach for professional assistance.

We cherish to offer you car battery services for a seamless service experience at Service My Car. Your everyday hustle might keep you in a zone when you fail to spot the warning signs of a dying battery.

Reach to Service My Car as soon as you encounter the abovementioned signs. Call us over the phone or book a service online. You can also download our app for quick service.

if you need car service and you are searching car garage, then book your car service online with ServiceMyCar.com, which Provides you best car service in UAE.

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