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Top 4 Techniques for Growing Brand Awareness 

Growing brand awareness is the first step to marketing your company. It’s the first step because it allows your brand to become known to your customers. There are a lot of positive techniques out there for growing brand awareness. Take Cox customer service number, for instance, certain educational institutes partnered up with the Cox media team to help target their student demographics. This partnership resulted in over 12 million impressions amongst their target audiences. By using such brand awareness strategies, the marketing team provided greater opportunities to attract students, generate more revenue, and improve its reputation.?

To understand why brand awareness is crucial to having a sustainable business model, we must understand what brand awareness is.??

What Is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is a very open-ended term that can be used for a lot of things. It basically refers to how consumers recognize and react to your business. The more consumers will recognize your logo, the more comfortable they will feel with your products or services.?

How Important Is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is important because it allows a consumer to recognize, recall, and refer to your company with familiarity and comfort. If you can build brand awareness amongst your target audiences then they’ll be more likely to prefer your brand over other competitors.?

In the age of technology, brand awareness is more important than ever before. This is because all consumers are carrying either a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. This means consumers are able to communicate with each other in a matter of seconds which can be incredibly beneficial or harmful for your business. It all depends on how your marketing strategies impact your target audiences and how well they react to them.?

Strategies To Build Your Companies Brand Awareness

Here are some of the strategies you can use to build your company’s brand awareness.?

Social Media Campaigning

Everyone has access to social media in one way or the other. Using social media to market your brand is a great way to reach your target audiences. Running ads on social media platforms guarantees large levels of impressions from consumers. Social media platforms themselves are extremely ad-friendly, allowing you to center down on specific age groups, locations, interests, and an entire range of options. Certain apps are also available that help you monitor your tracking metrics. These apps can help you keep track of your shares, likes, retweets, and other metrics associated with your brand.?

A Well Managed SEO Strategy

When it comes to marketing a company, the direct approach to building brand awareness is creating a website for your company. Search engine optimization or SEO is a means by which certain measures are undertaken to ensure that your website appears on the first page of Google’s results. It takes a highly effective approach to implement such strategies but if done rightly can do wonders for your brand awareness. SEO strategies are often long-term but offer the chance to elevate a small business into a major competitor.?

A well-managed SEO strategy means your brand will grow organically. Consumers always know what they want and they will get it either from you or your competitor. Your brand’s visibility is extremely important for attracting customers. The best part of SEO is that it allows your customers to see you and begin the process of engagement.

Getting Influencers on Your Side

This strategy falls under indirect marketing. In this approach, instead of creating brand awareness directly, companies hire people with high social followings to create a buzz for the brand. It looks easy enough, but in reality, it isn’t.?

Rather it requires much more planning and research than just hiring a popular personality to post an Instagram story about your brand. In fact, it starts with understanding your brand’s market image, customer base, and market share by geographical regions. Depending upon the above-mentioned factors, it’s a better strategy to hire a less popular influencer that’s relevant to your niche than an irrelevant popular influencer.

Charity and Social Causes

Create a positive buzz about your brand by linking your story with philanthropy. Let your customers see that you care. People respond more positively to a brand that they feel is giving back to the community. So choose a charity or social cause that is relevant to your brand. Let’s say your product is paper manufacturing, it’s common knowledge that paper manufacturing is one of the causes of deforestation. Therefore, link with a green initiative project, and use the logo in your digital portfolios. Create a buzz around your green initiative activities.

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