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Banking and Finance

Tips to Earn Higher Interest on Your Savings Account

A savings account is a secure way to save money that can be used for investments, payments, and checking. A reliable source of income is provided by savings accounts. The interest rate on a savings account, however, has typically been low. The rates are currently between 3.5 percent and 4 percent annually*. There are techniques to increase the rate and earnings on the typical Savings Account despite these low rates.

Here are 3 strategies for maximizing the interest rates on your savings accounts:

Find a high rate of interest online

Not happy with the interest rates provided by conventional savings accounts? A good savings account interest rate is offered by many financial institutions and online banking platforms. Take your money to a reputable bank or financial organization that offers a higher interest rate if you want to generate more interest income. But watch out for maintenance fees or other supplemental costs that could offset any savings you achieve.

Utilize sweep-in, sweep-out facility

Utilizing the sweep-in and sweep-out functionality in your savings account will allow you to earn more interest on your unused funds. Your excess funds are automatically transferred under this option to a fixed deposit account that offers a better rate of return. If you require quick cash, you can sweep the funds back into your account. When the funds in your ordinary savings account run out, the bank also takes similar action. Within your savings bank account, you can set a limit and tell the bank to move any surplus money to a fixed deposit account as soon as they become available.

Open a specific savings account

Banks provide a variety of Savings Accounts. There are many different kinds of savings accounts, including those for children, seniors, and young people.

These accounts provide additional perks in addition to a higher interest rate. For instance, senior citizen accounts typically offer higher interest rates than standard savings accounts. Higher returns from this account are attainable by incorporating a sweep-in facility.

Earn indirectly through regular interest credits

On your savings bank account, your banker could give you monthly interest credits. Your monthly interest credit can be used for other investments if you keep a healthy balance in your account. You may, for instance, start a SIP and deposit your interest earnings on a monthly basis. This will guarantee that your interest revenue is put to better use through actively managed fund schemes, increasing your return. 

Invest in certificates of deposit

Similar to fixed deposits, certificates of deposit (CDs) can be purchased using your savings account. Any Indian financial institution or commercial bank that is on the schedule may issue CDs. These CDs may be valid for three months to a year. If the money isn’t needed right away, you can reinvest the matured CD and continue to make interest payments that are better than those on savings accounts. 

You can increase your interest income by using these suggestions while still reaping the rewards of a savings account. While your income rises, your money stays in a liquid state and is available for use almost immediately.

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